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Blogging VS Facebook





ImageI have no idea why I’m here today.. well maybe that is a lie. I was reading on FB about a girl who started and stopped her blog many times.. and has been in a grove for a whole year, I thought.. wouldn’t THAT be a novel idea. I am pretty much stuck on FB.. I may click on a link to a blog but I get all my information and entertainment from FB now. 

I am not ME on Facebook.. I was here. I’m only partially me.. the one that family knows.. and coworkers.. not the me that my blog friends have seen. Inappropriate me.. like the one who took the above photograph in Cape Town South Africa.. I took over 700 pictures and put the link on FB but there was a part of me that was screaming.. OMFG look at the Labia movie theater.. and make really inappropriate jokes.. maybe i need to bring that side of me over here more 🙂 


Guess what I DID??


I read a few blogs..commented..and even entered a contest I’m not going to win. WHY you ask?

PW is coming to town!! I need to feel like a blogger again instead of a facebook addict. Yes, Pioneer Woman has created a cookbook which she is selling in stores…AND she’s going to be at a bookstore in town that I didn’t even know existed and sign books. I just read Jean’s post about the event which made me miss blogging.

I get in these kicks..it was actually my status update on Facebook yesterday. WHY..is it SO easy to break good habits and SO hard to break bad ones??

Blogging, IMO was a good habit. It was an internal therapy, I really enjoyed it then I went kind of Pppbbbttt… I started a reader..then I had all these obligations to read all these blogs and then I did what I do really well.. I quit. Just figured that instead of picking a few people to quit reading I just quit reading everyone’s blog. And I didn’t feel one bit guilty. Why..you ask? Well because I was tweeting…and twittering and twot.. Ooo no maybe not. Anywhoo I was in touch with the majority of the community still. Twitter, twitter.. I could even do it from my phone. Then came Facebook….to which I fell off the deep end. Grade School, High School, College, Work collegues..Farmville, Fish Wrangler, Mafia Wars, Bejeweled Blitz. Yes, I got SUCKED in..and really still am. Next step.. A BLACKBERRY! Oh yeah. I can tweet and FB from my fricking phone. I am a machine. I can also blog from it..for reals!

So.. now tweeting has gone to the wayside a little.. my FB status updates aren’t as often. I realized that there were a bunch of “friends” that didn’t care about the types of updates I was typing..only blog friends would appreciate them. Family didn’t care that I just heard thunder and almost peed my pants..but I know if you are reading this you may enjoy that comment..or not..

The one thing that I have been VERY lax in is photography. My favorite hobby next to TV and books. My flick account just isn’t getting the action it used to either.

The thing is, nothing has really replaced these things I”m not doing anymore. So what am I doing? I dunno…

So..hopefully you will see me around here a little more. And hopefully I’ll start reading blogs more..and I’ll be taking more pictures.. And please be my friend on Mafia Wars and Farmville.. 🙂

MP’s To Do List


I just have to get this stuff into writing or I’ll never get it all done. You know how that goes?

This of course is not in order of importance, cuz that would make too much sense. 

  • Organize Clothes In the Basement. OMG I think I’ve worn and washed the same shirt like 5 times in a week. Ever since we got home from Hilton Head…w/ the hotel stays and everything it’s nuts. Everything was just thrown into a pile in the basement and I don’t know where half my stuff is.
  • Get my Hilton Head pictures finished. I have (if you click on the flickr link to the right/bottom) about a half a week of photos up on flickr. I need to edit stuff and get them up there.
  • Post pictures of my new bathroom. I want to finish the Hilton Head pictures first though. I really miss my flickr buddies..I have a whole group of people I play with and I’ve totally neglected them.
  • Organize the bathroom. I have half my stuff put away but then there is some in the spare/Drew’s bedroom closet and on my dresser in the bedroom. I couldn’t even tell you where my Clinque stuff is or a Qtip.
  • Need to get back to Weight Watchers.  My skinny clothes are starting to get tight and that really isn’t an option, at all.
  • I want to join the YMCA. I hate that it’s so expensive but it really is worth it when you look at the discounts on swim classes and stuff. I really want to start going to Aqua Aerobics again. I love it and I haven’t gone in years. We have an awesome Y by our house too, it’s only a couple years old. They actually have family swim on some weekends, Drew would love that. He said yesterday that he’d like to start training for the Olympics.. I guess that would be at the same time that he trains for American Idol.. :-)♥
  • Learn about WTF is going on in Georgia and Russia. I understand a little more since I read Bossy’s blog today.
  • Get in touch w/ Briand find out WTF is going on w/ the karaoke out-ting that I want to crash.
  • Find out WTF is going on withRimmy. He hasn’t returned my email. You OK??
  • Catch up on my shows that are on my DVR. The Closer and Saving Grace for sure.
  • See if I can’t find a specialist for my eye disease. Aides Tonic Pupil is one of those rare things. My prescription strength isn’t that strong, but it’s like I always have a blown pupil. One eye is worse that the other and at times I only see a blur..but then I go to the doctor and I’m fine. It’s very frustrating.
  • Get more serious about photography. Learn how to take pictures..use my camera. Maybe take a class or at least read the book that came with the camera.
  • Do all of the really cool meme’s that I’ve been wanting to do. One post I have been wanting to do is the Dinner Party. That is the one where you pick 10 bloggers that you don’t know IRL that you would like to have dinner with.

OK, I really think there are more but I don’t want to overload myself. Any major stuff on your to do list or mundane crap like mine?