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I’m alive…..


Cake – Long Time

For a few reasons I’ve been thinking about my sad little blog for a while.

I decided to finally start moving on with my life, you know and getting a life.. so I created an online profile on a dating website. I went out on one date…got that out of the way, and it was very nice. Recently I was talking to a guy who is a writer and had some on line stuff that is REALLY good.. a novella, which I will find out soon how much was fiction and non fiction. ANYWAY.. I realized now if you google me you can eventually find my blog. SO.. I  realized that someone was actually reading my blog before meeting me.. so I checked it out again…

WOW.. I have been SO depressing. I look like one of those miserable girls. I’m lucky this guy still wants to go out with me. (first date this weekend which could either be a date or a non date get together.. guess we’ll have to see)..

So.. attorney taken care of.. she’s working on that paperwork

Real Estate Agent contacted.. old house will be listed soon!

Mom and Dad are still the elder bunnies.. that is really the only difficult part of life and I keep telling myself. “this isn’t forever, this isn’t forever”.. and I keep on trucking.

I’ve gotten together with Drew a few times, he’s getting SO mature. He’s awesome.

Went to the baseball game with the ex-inlaws.. I think just cause I’m fucking awesome.

Now I just need to get that exercise regiment back in place…


Throwing out the facts..


So.. we had the discussion with my parents last night.. the money one, the difficult one. In my family it was always easier to just not talk about things. You don’t talk about your feelings, or why you are upset. No real need to confide in anyone. If you don’t talk about it, it will just resolve itself, or go away.. right?

Well, in my “no more excuses” attitude I just opened my mouth. We told them, “Look, 24 hour care is NOT covered by insurance, at the rate you are going you will be out of money in a year or two”.

The average cost, which is what we are paying is something like $300 a day for two people. This of course includes housekeeping, cooking, bathing and safety.  This allows them to stay in their house, with their dog, their stuff and continue life as almost normal. If they were to go into a nursing home, insurance wouldn’t cover that either and it would be around $10,000 for 2 of them per month. These are averages of course.  Right now the biggest mistake they have made in their lives is not getting nursing home insurance. If you are over the age of 50 and you aren’t paying for it yet you are a fool. You never know when or why you are going to need that.

My dad actually covered his ears like the monkey.. he did not what to hear what I was saying.. “money run out?”. He couldn’t fathom the idea. Our suggestion was that we’ll move in. We’ll put things in storage and move what we need into the dining room and living room area. Why this wasn’t a good idea??? My mom didn’t want her stuffed moved or God Forbid put in a storage area, my Dad likes the caregivers now and doesn’t want things to change. I guess they figured they would either be dead by now or they would be able to care for themselves. Well.. that wasn’t in the cards, so now we need to face the tough decisions. Mom said she wants to think about it. J explained to her that each week she thinks about it is another $2000.

We’ll see what happens, we can’t force them, we could just let the money run out, give the government the house and see what medicade would pay for. How can we as a nation allow our elderly to live in such uncertainty. What if you don’t have family and children to make the tough decisions. Too bad we can’t just check out when we’re ready.

I’m dealing with things, not just sweeping it in a corner waiting for it to resolve itself. I’m starting the conversations, dealing with things before they get too out of control.

Oh what a night


Hooking up televisions, throwing up, and a killer headache..can’t wait to go to sleep.

Seems we have a new TV for my room that we can’t get to recognize the Dish.. I wanted to watch my show and I’m not sure if it’s recorded my shows for tonight anyway..

It was so hot at my mom’s tonight I threw up.. yeah.. nice.. I CAN NOT WAIT for their 24 hour care to start. Being a caregiver sucks.

I’m so tired but I don’t want to go to bed.. I don’t understand that..

Hello September


I’m done w/ August, really. 31 days…enough, bye bye.

Sales are down, gas prices up…couple more months of politicians. Eyeballs killing me.

Friday night J and I drove in circles and ended up at Cheesecake Factory, it was yummy. We got home and I closed me eyes..I ended up falling asleep.

I spent the day Saturday at mom and dads. I cleaned a bunch of the clutter that she had. It’s very very easy to throw shit away when it’s not yours..and when they aren’t in the room. I think it was easier for her that way too. J on the other hand sanded their light pole in the front yard. Dad and I then went to mass and J and I ate Lion’s Choice and watched Mizzou kick Illinois’s ass. (score should have been alot higher)…(am I the only one or did Chase Daniel look a little off??)

Sunday I primed mom and dad’s light pole, watched some TV then we went to a party at my cousins. I played Rock Band w/ 2 5th grade boys..to show you how screwed up our family is age wise.. One boy was my cousin’s son, the other was a different cousins great-grandson. YEAH.. Mom and Dad went. OMG that wheelchair was HORRIBLE.. I am hoping that we get a replacement one this week.

Yesterday J and I went out to the BMW Championship practice round. We got to see Padrig Harrington at the driving range. It was great..but it was HOT..92 degrees..and I got blisters on my feet. We walked the entire 18 holes, mainly on the cart path.

SO how was your weekend? I know Grandma J and Biddy had birthdays!!

I’m slammed today at work, it’s taken forever for me to type this 🙂
I hope to get to everyones blogs by tomorrow afternoon!
In other news….
Car has a broken fuel injector. Fun fun fun.
Got mom a lap top, I’m going to set that up for her tonight.
I’m on book 4 of the Twilight series.