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Remind me to Remember


So I started up taking my deep water exercise class at the Y. It was VERY refreshing to get back in the pool and move. It really is for me the best type of exercise in the world. I feel better about myself knowing that I’m doing it.

The teacher in the class is subbing, but she happens to be the same teacher from 3 years ago when I used to go. Things of note, her daughter and son-in-law just got out of jail in KY. “They are messed up” she tells me.. Really, ya think?

So my class has a few women in it, all different ages and sizes. A thinner, younger girl gets in the pool using the ladder. She has on a generic swimsuit and a bright pink swirly swim cap. I’m thinking “who the hell wears a swim cap?”. Cap girl states very loudly, “Hi I’m Amber, I’m an artist!”. Amber looks to an even younger heavyset girl and declares/states/asks, “Tell me something about yourself and what is your name?”. The heavy set girl who speaks barley above a whisper says “I’m Erin and I’m an artist too”. Amber is delighted but doesn’t stick around to chit chat with Erin. She is off to the next victim/classmate. Amber stated that she had to know a name and something about them in order to recall their name.

We’ve all heard that trick before. I think that she is extremely annoying, and the older lady, Christine, who works with the poor… asked Amber the artist, “Why do you want to know that??”. Amber said.. that way I can remember.

Well.. dammit Amber, now I remember too. We have Jean, the mother of Erin.. and then there was me. I asked if I could just be Mary Pat the girl with two names. Amber the artist, who also declares herself, Amber the color of the gemstone.. said I needed more. So I said “I’m Mary Pat and I am slowly but surly turning my parents into my own house because my mom is dead” or something like that. I find it ironic I am defining myself by my mothers death.

Well I suppose this is a post with a point. That trick works. If we would have just gone around in a circle I wouldn’t have remembered anyone’s name. Normally we would do the “Hi I’m Amber”.. “I’m Mary Pat”.. and then it begins.. Mary Ann? no.. Mary Beth? no…. What?? And I’m repeating myself and explaining my name. 

By the time the person knows, and is remembering my name I have totally forgotten their name.  I suppose I will tell Amber on Monday how impressed I was of her trick.

Some happenings in the Land of Blog


I know that just because you come here and talk to me I can’t assume that you read everything that I read..and if you don’t you are missing out on some stuff. So..here is what you need to do and read!

Connie and her family just got back from Alaska. OMG the pictures are awesome.

There are a couple new bloggie babies baking in the oven: Here and Here

I blogged the other day about Jason getting married. Well Kate is getting married too!

Linda got a new hot tub..and his having some MORE work on the bathroom.

Pumpkin is moving from an undisclosed location back to Scotland and is VERY excited.

Sandy’s baby girl is going to SCHOOL for part of the day.

Raquita redid her blog..to combine w/ her photography business. OMG it’s awesome.

I haven’t totally caught up on all my commenting and reading since..Oh July 2ndish.. I may get caught up today!

Bloggy Bling and other news!


My friend at Functional Shmunctional awarded me this groovy new bloggy bling. I’m one of 4 other blogs that make her day! That’s kinda cool. She awarded blogs that are “new to her”..and I decided to do the same!

Danielle-Lee at A Little Left of Lost is new to me. California girl at heart stuck in Texas.

Dee Dee at Random Ramblings

Amanda ..who’s blog name says it all. A Day in the Life of Amanda.

Are We There Yet Mom. I started off here for a photo contest.. now I can’t stay away.

Bill and Jill.This is one of those that should be “famous”.. Tag team blogging at it’s finest. In my opionion I rank this blog w/ Pioneer Woman and Dad Gone Mad.

I will eventually get to each of you to let you know your bling is here to pick up but for now I need to finish this post up and get some work done so I can read blogs later today.

TonightBri and I are going to the Cardinal Game. On May 28th..in a coat. What is going on? I’m looking forward to it. Houston killed the Cards last night so we have to do halfway decent tonight. I’m going to need a scorecard though. We have practically a new baseball team.