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Thinking in blog posts…again


I can tell the times are changing. I’m thinking in blog posts. I’m encouraging Craig to get back to writing. I am taking pictures. I am in love with who I believe is my forever partner. With my mother gone I am finally feeling kind of like an adult, maybe not…. but at least I’m thinking that maybe I’m almost an adult.

I found a church. I love this church. It’s Methodist. What do I know about that..?? Nothing. I know that I am thinking about God more in my life. I’m thinking I need the structure of religion. I had lost hope.. not sure in what but that sparkle was gone. Life had been so flat.. so sad.

I feel as if it’s time to pull myself up, dust myself off.

The pastor has been doing a serious on Defining Moments.. Think about it. God seemed to have chosen screw ups to do great things. God doesn’t call us to do things we already know how to do. We need to be scared, doubt, take a chance and leap! Whatever it is, changing jobs, being responsible, having a family.. for me it is taking over my parents house as my own, being responsible, starting my life with Craig.

I am having the bedroom painted on Thursday followed by the bed being delivered on Friday. This seems like nothing but this is what I have been using as my excuse. Well NO MORE EXCUSES!! I know I’ve preached this once before, I just don’t think I was ready, and you need to be ready.

So.. since I’ve been thinking in blog posts.. hopefully I’ll be posting more blog posts.. I need to use my mobile app!

Not quite in passing..but I didn’t want this to be my main post. I just can’t imagine training for YEARS for a marathon and finally after all that hard work getting killed or lose a limb on the day you were finalizing your goal. When these people were coming up with excuses not to the marathon I don’t think any of them said “Well what if someone bombs the route”.. You just never know.. but you will never live a fulfilled life if you don’t take a chance.


Weekend Update AKA It’s Monday already?


So, Friday I leave work, get home and J and I head off to the grocery store. This is the first BIG shopping trip since we got home from Hilton Head. I also have to get mom and dad’s groceries. It takes us at least an hour or so.. I still didn’t get everything that I needed. We deliver the groceries to the old people, pick up our dog and plop our asses on the couch, already missing the first 45 minutes of the Olympics. We watched a little big..then J feel asleep, I went to the bedroom to watch the Olympics..and I fell asleep. By 9:30 I was out. WTF am I 85??

Saturday morning we get up early (having rested all night) and go get Drew. His mom forgot to tell us that they were getting pictures taken at Jaque Peniot… (did I spell that correct..my french spelling has to be worse than my English spelling) SO we (J, the dog and I) had about an hour and a half to kill. We drove down to Frontier Park on the banks of the Missouri River in St Charles MO. I went potty, ate my Egg McMuffin andwe walked around.. didn’t take long and we went to pick up Drew. I then got ALL excited for my shower…grout and stuff was dry..here I go. I turn it on…??? Hot water..youuuuuu whooooooo…where are you hot water? I am IN TEARS… I wanna take a shower in my new shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The water was luke warm..kinda like a cold pool. I said screw it and got in. I wanted to try out my body sprayers SO bad…I turned them on and OMG the cold water chilled me to the bone. I turned on my new heat lamp, dried off and gave my cousin a call…HELLO..hot water? He figured the safety thingy wasn’t set right so he had to come adjust it. We adjusted our movie time…and waited for him.

After my cousin left the three of us went off to see the latest Mummy movie..I LOVED it! Of course this is not an Oscar winning movie but it is fun. There are a couple bad words but nothing too bad. I loved Luke Ford who plays Brenden Fraser’s son. Drew was so funny, he was freaking that the 2 actors looked so close in age they couldn’t be father and son…and how he just SAW the 2nd movie and the kid was only around 10.. 🙂

Saturday night we didn’t do much of anything but shop and play and watch some Olympics.

Sunday I went to church..then Drew and I hung out and played. I was able to take my first hot shower…w/ jets. OMG it was heaven. I got the call this morning that the shower door is going in tomorrow..YES… SO I will have pictures up hopefully by Wednesday.

Last night I went with a friend to the Muny. We went to see Fiddler On the Roof. Sometimes I think I should have been Jewish. I’ve been obsessed w/ the Old Testament…the stories and tradition…not that I could have lived through the whole Red Tent era… WWII, Concentration Camps, Washington DC Holocaust museum… Yeah, I think I should have been Jewish. ANYWAY..back to Fiddler On the Roof. GREAT show. I was in the show in High School. I didn’t have a part or anything, I was only in the chorus…but I know ALL of the songs. Love that show..and the history of it..the message to. Change…it will happen no matter WHAT..will you accept it gracefully or fight it?

My friend and I went w/ a priest friend of ours and his friend on a backstage pass. That was pretty awesome. Last time I was backstage I was in high school.

So now it’s Monday. I’ve Google chatted w/ VDog…gave myself a “papercut” on a plastic clamshell, allowed myself a headache..I have ONE Commit lozenge, the rest are at home…I guess I better have one, I hate to spend $40 at Walgreens on more when I have an unopened box at home. Oh well, headache’s are not fun. Popped one, I feel better already 🙂

So to recap..week outlook: new shower curtain, six flags…next weekend a dinner date w/ my husband.. Anything exciting in your neck of the woods?

Big Brother, Bathrooms , Books and other random thoughts


OK..My insider scoop has told me that there is an extra special guest on Big Brother Sunday, make sure to watch! I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Did you watch it last night? OMG I’m so glad Jesse is gone, he bugged me, especially those nude pictures..they weren’t hot, they kind of creeped me out. Poor Dan is gonna be targeted this week..Michelle is going to hold him responsible for getting Jesse knocked out of the house..but who will she put up withhim? NO I don’t want to know…we are staying away from Jokers Update this season.  I’d like to see Libra and April gone… I’m OK w/ Memphis and Remmy  even though I didn’t like them in the beginning.

So..guess what? Chicken Butt! LOL … OK, tonight I want to get my bathroom pictures taken, I will start to share now. J painted last night while I sang. What? Only one person could paint and we just got the American Idol game for the XBOX. I think I sang 40 songs while he primed and painted…then he asked me to stop. I had to practice for karaoke night with Bri, Rimmy and Biddy…and whoever else comes. This will be ultimate practice for Blogher ’09… especially since we are one of three remaining cities.. St Louis, Philly and Portland. We are the least exciting but obviously the most central and the least expensive.

OH..the bathroom. So the only thing NOT done is the door, which is on order…and the towel rings and holder. I am so fricking stoked. Tomorrow morning I can take a shower with new sprayers…oooohhhh aaahhh. They moved all their crap out of the house and are finishing up on some stuff. I did mention that this was family doing the job..so they are doing things like fixing the kitchen light switch and the dryer vent..Oh and they decided I needed keyless entry in the backyard.

Today is 08/08/08 in case you didn’t know. I’m reading a book right now called The Eight. You would swear this woman was paying me to pimp her book but she’s not. I don’t know how I missed this book, it’s from the 80’s and she just wrote the sequel which comes out in October. Russian Spies, Chess, French Revolution, Africa, Oil, puzzles, God..Allah..it’s ALL in this book. It’s a big book too but not a difficult read. There is math involved and I’m not very good at math, I did have to read some of those passages a few times..but I LOVE it. I’m so happy that when I’m half way finished I won’t have long to pick up the next book. Katherine Neville that wrote the book is from St Louis. Here is the deal…if you click on that link you can download a FREE copy of the book I’m reading. FREE. Offer is good until August 18th.

Other than that I don’t have much. I plan on watching the Olympics, sleeping in my own bed and taking a shower in my new bathroom.

Go read A Bun’s Life…she gave me bloggy bling..it’s in my blogging bling page. I have given that bloggy bling before…so I won’t give again..go to the original blog.. sweet family.


Things that make me want to scream:

  • When your contractors don’t show up AT ALL and you lose a day of construction on the only bathroom in your house…and they didn’t even both to call…and their truck was parked at your house. The excuse was that it was a big huge resturant that is opening on Wed.. I hope I get a free meal.
  • When the Old Boys Network STILL exists alive and well in your industry in 2008..and you are a girl.
  • When you order Pizza Hut and they take 2 fricking hours to get to your house and the pizza is cold. They only give you a $15 credit..but you don’t have enough energy or will to bitch anymore.
  • When it’s 2853 degrees outside and you STILL don’t have the AC fixed in the Jeep.
  • When it takes 3 Excederine to even make a dent in your headache.
  • When the person that is supposed to answer phones takes a half day vacation and you are screwed cause the phone is ringing off the hook ALL DAY LONG..

Top 25 things I said while on vacation

  1. New CD please
  2. No we’re not there yet, a few more hours
  3. How’s the gas look?
  4. No
  5. Don’t yell
  6. Inside voice please
  7. You don’t have a choice
  8. What do you want to eat?
  9. Get in the shower
  10. Look out the window at the view
  11. Kentucky is pretty
  12. Tennesse is pretty
  13. Georgia is pretty
  14. South Carolina is pretty
  15. It’s hot
  16. Hold this
  17. Help me
  18. Stay by me
  19. Here comes a big wave
  20. It’s hot
  21. Man it’s hot
  22. It’s Africa Hot
  23. Do you have to go to the bathroom
  24. Holy Cow!
  25. Wow!

We are staying at an $80 a night hotel by my work til Wed..we have a fridge and microwave and free HBO. I’m home now, doing laundry and then I’m going to the Muny..an outdoor theather tonight w/ a fried of mine to see Miss Saigon…then instead of 10 minutes and I’m home..it will be 30 minutes…and then I’ll be at the hotel..but in the morning it will be awesome cause I’ll be right by work.

I promise to catch up on everyone elses blogs tomorrow.