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I went to Craigs friend Michelle to get my hair done. She rocks when it comes to color. She’s expensive and I cheated on Andrea. … But I love it.


Weekend Update: bullet point style

  • Friday night we saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua. OMG it was hysterical. I loved it..and so did the full theater sitting around me. If you don’t like movies where dogs talk..then please don’t see it. If you don’t like Drew Barrymore..then don’t see it.
  • Drew had two soccer games this weekend. He gets so many shots on goal..poor little bugger couldn’t buy a goal this year. His passing skills and breakaways are awesome..poor little thing wants a goal SO bad.
  • We went Go Kart riding..Drew was able to drive his own car for the first time. he was a little scared but did awsome.
  • Mizzou kicked Nebraska’s ass. We watched at my MIL’s house.
  • I went to my cousin’s bridal shower on Saturday…I really enjoy those when I’m not IN the wedding and am only responsible for myself.
  • I caught up on most of my DVR last night. TV Notes: Amazing Race.. I can’t STAND the boyfriend who is the runner..OMG what a jackass. I also can’t stand Starr’s brother…or the football player’s wife. Right now my favorite team has to be the gamer friends. Survivor: I don’t like Ace or the young black kid on the other team. I’m glad that Sugar won the immunity idol, I think she was stoopid to tell Ace.  True Blood is one of the best TV shows ever..Criminal Minds and The Unit amaze me that they can stay fresh.

To do:

Have J take my picture w/ my new glasses..but I’ll wait until Wednesday when I get my hair did..



My current hair \"style\"Ok, lets get right to work. On Tuesday (as in July 1st) I am getting my hair cut. Cut, Color, Eyebrow Wax. This appointment is a LONG time coming. My last appointment was before Aruba..early April.

Help: Do I get a trim…get layers..go short? What do I do. Right now I have a ponytail. If I wear it down it looks like the above picture.

What do I do, help??

Give me links to haircuts that would work with my face. I have ZERO body to my hair. It is healthy hair yet very fine. I have the kind of hair that I couldn’t wear it up in a scrunchy cause it all falls out. It fell out and looked like crap on my wedding cause the bobby pins don’t hold it.

I trust the girl that cuts my hair..but she is happy w/ status quo too..

I have way more to talk about, I have a feeling this will be a 2 post day..especially if the phones stay this dead.