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Hello September


I’m done w/ August, really. 31 days…enough, bye bye.

Sales are down, gas prices up…couple more months of politicians. Eyeballs killing me.

Friday night J and I drove in circles and ended up at Cheesecake Factory, it was yummy. We got home and I closed me eyes..I ended up falling asleep.

I spent the day Saturday at mom and dads. I cleaned a bunch of the clutter that she had. It’s very very easy to throw shit away when it’s not yours..and when they aren’t in the room. I think it was easier for her that way too. J on the other hand sanded their light pole in the front yard. Dad and I then went to mass and J and I ate Lion’s Choice and watched Mizzou kick Illinois’s ass. (score should have been alot higher)…(am I the only one or did Chase Daniel look a little off??)

Sunday I primed mom and dad’s light pole, watched some TV then we went to a party at my cousins. I played Rock Band w/ 2 5th grade boys..to show you how screwed up our family is age wise.. One boy was my cousin’s son, the other was a different cousins great-grandson. YEAH.. Mom and Dad went. OMG that wheelchair was HORRIBLE.. I am hoping that we get a replacement one this week.

Yesterday J and I went out to the BMW Championship practice round. We got to see Padrig Harrington at the driving range. It was great..but it was HOT..92 degrees..and I got blisters on my feet. We walked the entire 18 holes, mainly on the cart path.

SO how was your weekend? I know Grandma J and Biddy had birthdays!!

I’m slammed today at work, it’s taken forever for me to type this 🙂
I hope to get to everyones blogs by tomorrow afternoon!
In other news….
Car has a broken fuel injector. Fun fun fun.
Got mom a lap top, I’m going to set that up for her tonight.
I’m on book 4 of the Twilight series.