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Remind me to Remember


So I started up taking my deep water exercise class at the Y. It was VERY refreshing to get back in the pool and move. It really is for me the best type of exercise in the world. I feel better about myself knowing that I’m doing it.

The teacher in the class is subbing, but she happens to be the same teacher from 3 years ago when I used to go. Things of note, her daughter and son-in-law just got out of jail in KY. “They are messed up” she tells me.. Really, ya think?

So my class has a few women in it, all different ages and sizes. A thinner, younger girl gets in the pool using the ladder. She has on a generic swimsuit and a bright pink swirly swim cap. I’m thinking “who the hell wears a swim cap?”. Cap girl states very loudly, “Hi I’m Amber, I’m an artist!”. Amber looks to an even younger heavyset girl and declares/states/asks, “Tell me something about yourself and what is your name?”. The heavy set girl who speaks barley above a whisper says “I’m Erin and I’m an artist too”. Amber is delighted but doesn’t stick around to chit chat with Erin. She is off to the next victim/classmate. Amber stated that she had to know a name and something about them in order to recall their name.

We’ve all heard that trick before. I think that she is extremely annoying, and the older lady, Christine, who works with the poor… asked Amber the artist, “Why do you want to know that??”. Amber said.. that way I can remember.

Well.. dammit Amber, now I remember too. We have Jean, the mother of Erin.. and then there was me. I asked if I could just be Mary Pat the girl with two names. Amber the artist, who also declares herself, Amber the color of the gemstone.. said I needed more. So I said “I’m Mary Pat and I am slowly but surly turning my parents into my own house because my mom is dead” or something like that. I find it ironic I am defining myself by my mothers death.

Well I suppose this is a post with a point. That trick works. If we would have just gone around in a circle I wouldn’t have remembered anyone’s name. Normally we would do the “Hi I’m Amber”.. “I’m Mary Pat”.. and then it begins.. Mary Ann? no.. Mary Beth? no…. What?? And I’m repeating myself and explaining my name. 

By the time the person knows, and is remembering my name I have totally forgotten their name.  I suppose I will tell Amber on Monday how impressed I was of her trick.


Happy Monday..you get bullet’s again!

  • Is there a way to make money on WordPress? I get a bagillion hits a day on those stupid sexy girl photos I have…see links to the right.
  • I saw Wolverine. If you are a comic book geek..I say no. If you are an X-Men movie freek…hell to the yes. Awesome movie..and you see a little Hugh Jackman booty!
  • I rode my bike around the house a little on Saturday. Damn I live in a hilly neighborhood.
  • Went to Six Flags on Sunday. I LOVE roller coasters. It was a cool day and there was hardly anyone there. Sweat pants and long sleeve shirt. Love it!
  • Going to see The Killers tonight. To be honest I’m not very excited about it, but J is…
  • Anyone watching The Unit? Man it was good last night. I wondered if that guy was undercover the whole time..that was majorly intense.
  • I’m pleased with the Final 3 teams…if the black girls were in it they would be bickering w/ Luke and his mom..I was done w/ that. The snobby white girls though HAVE to come in 3rd…uggg…they are so ignorant to people.
  • I’m going to start Weight Watchers again. ….with my exercising. I think this time I may actually hit my goal. Wish me luck.
  • If you are a fan of James Patterson I wanted to tell you that The 8th Confession came out..part of the Women’s Murder Club. It was GOOOD.

Brand New Post Involving Bullet Points!

  • This was our group that walked

    This was our group that walked

    I have been in SUCH a blogging funk I feel like I’ve been gone for a million years.

  • Lately I feel a million years old. My hair needs to be dyed, I have so many grey’s I look 60..not that there is anything wrong with being 60..it’s just that I’m still in my early 40’s.
  • I just now forgot how old I was.
  • I got out the calculator. I’m still 42
  • I have been an excercising fool.
  • I still can’t fit back into my skinnier pants that I was wearing last spring.
  • We have a full membership to the Y and I take 2 classes a week. Deep Water Exercise. I really like it.
  • I walk on the treadmill and ride the staionary bike.
  • I bought a real live mountain bike. It’s a Schwinn. It’s Pink.
  • I walked in my first “walk” at Forest Park. It was for March of Dimes in memory of Maddie. I met Lisa and Heather who have blogs and there really cute kids. There was also a woman named Adene who brought her preemie w/ her..he’s 13 and his friend. The last mile was tough, it was 3.25 miles or something like that.
  • I started taking pictures again. Check the link on the side to Flickr.
  • I’ve had some people offer to buy prints from me. They have only shown interest. Could you even imagine?
  • I’ve been very irritable lately. I think I’m going through premenapause. (sorry to any boy reading). I haven’t had a period in at least 4 months. It could be because I’ve been exercising more. No I’m not pregnant and no I haven’t gone to the doctor.
  • They cut our pay at work..that sucks. I’m one of the few people that is taking less pay but has to do more work. Hourly employees take an unpaid day off every pay period. I’d rather have one of those.
  • I’m still addicted to Facebook and Twitter. I have a tweetdeck now.
  • I’m going to Aruba in 6 weeks and I haven’t told my mother yet.
  • My mother is driving me even MORE crazy than normal.
  • I am starting to read blogs again…baby steps…baby steps…
  • I really think I need to win the lottery.
  • There was an earthquake in Mexico City today as well as that Swine Flu thing going around. I”m glad I don’t have plans to go to Mexico.
  • Drew is playing baseball now. He likes it.
  • It feels good to get back to random bullet points!

Blog thinking has returned


At least 5 times this weekend I thought their were some blogworthy things to talk about..that’s a step in the right direction isn’t it?
I’ve forgotten what they all were though.

Normally I just tweet them (twitter) or add to facebook. Normally now..

We went to a friends for dinner Saturday night. Ate then played Mexican Train dominoes. It was a good time. J ate too much and then felt like crap all day yesterday.

I decided to go to the Y every day and exercise…at least 30 minutes. I have totally blown it but at least I’m going 3 or more days a week.
I can’t walk on the treadmill without holding on. I like it. I never thought I would say that.

You watching American Idol…I am. I’m a Danny fan.

You watching Amazing Race.. I am. I think the only one’s I don’t care for are the tweedle bros..I hate that they screwed w/ the pumps. Moooooooommmm … remember that from last night. My husband had to stifle a snicker.

You watching Survivor? … I am. My favorite right now is Taj. I don’t think she’s going to make it to the merge. I hope so though.

I’m still hungry. Off to hunt food.

What a strange Autumn we’re having..


OK.. as we move OUT of Indian Summer and SLAM into winter..let’s stop to reflect the weirdness.

Drew’s soccer is almost over and I only wore a sweatshirt once. What happened to cold soccer mornings? This is strange.

There are 5 less shopping days in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Did you know that?

We don’t change our clocks until NOVEMBER?? What is up with that, it is always in October. I thought it was this week.

Next week, I start an exercise program. What ? You didn’t hear me? EXERCISE.. it’s where I go somewhere with a bunch of other people and move around and maybe sweat..the intention is to be a more fit, tone, healthy person. This will be the form of water aerobics… Usually a bunch of middle age sagging women and bad 90’s pop music. Go me!

SO what else is making your season a little strange?

MP’s To Do List


I just have to get this stuff into writing or I’ll never get it all done. You know how that goes?

This of course is not in order of importance, cuz that would make too much sense. 

  • Organize Clothes In the Basement. OMG I think I’ve worn and washed the same shirt like 5 times in a week. Ever since we got home from Hilton Head…w/ the hotel stays and everything it’s nuts. Everything was just thrown into a pile in the basement and I don’t know where half my stuff is.
  • Get my Hilton Head pictures finished. I have (if you click on the flickr link to the right/bottom) about a half a week of photos up on flickr. I need to edit stuff and get them up there.
  • Post pictures of my new bathroom. I want to finish the Hilton Head pictures first though. I really miss my flickr buddies..I have a whole group of people I play with and I’ve totally neglected them.
  • Organize the bathroom. I have half my stuff put away but then there is some in the spare/Drew’s bedroom closet and on my dresser in the bedroom. I couldn’t even tell you where my Clinque stuff is or a Qtip.
  • Need to get back to Weight Watchers.  My skinny clothes are starting to get tight and that really isn’t an option, at all.
  • I want to join the YMCA. I hate that it’s so expensive but it really is worth it when you look at the discounts on swim classes and stuff. I really want to start going to Aqua Aerobics again. I love it and I haven’t gone in years. We have an awesome Y by our house too, it’s only a couple years old. They actually have family swim on some weekends, Drew would love that. He said yesterday that he’d like to start training for the Olympics.. I guess that would be at the same time that he trains for American Idol.. :-)♥
  • Learn about WTF is going on in Georgia and Russia. I understand a little more since I read Bossy’s blog today.
  • Get in touch w/ Briand find out WTF is going on w/ the karaoke out-ting that I want to crash.
  • Find out WTF is going on withRimmy. He hasn’t returned my email. You OK??
  • Catch up on my shows that are on my DVR. The Closer and Saving Grace for sure.
  • See if I can’t find a specialist for my eye disease. Aides Tonic Pupil is one of those rare things. My prescription strength isn’t that strong, but it’s like I always have a blown pupil. One eye is worse that the other and at times I only see a blur..but then I go to the doctor and I’m fine. It’s very frustrating.
  • Get more serious about photography. Learn how to take pictures..use my camera. Maybe take a class or at least read the book that came with the camera.
  • Do all of the really cool meme’s that I’ve been wanting to do. One post I have been wanting to do is the Dinner Party. That is the one where you pick 10 bloggers that you don’t know IRL that you would like to have dinner with.

OK, I really think there are more but I don’t want to overload myself. Any major stuff on your to do list or mundane crap like mine?

Pretend this is a witty title leading up to a post about stuff.


I sat here for 20 minutes trying to come up with a catchy title for my post. I thought about the Marvin Gaye song “What’s Goin On”..then “In My Life” by the Beatles.. (which happened to be our first dance at our wedding)..I came up with nothing.

SO here we go, this is one of those posts where I’m going to talk about random stuff that is going on. I like these because no real thought has to go into it. It’s just unloading all the crap in my brain.

  • Drew is over. I’m VERY excited that he is into Pokemon again. We are both playing Pokemon Diamond. I have a pink DS of my own so we’re trying to get to the same level so we can connect through the Wii and battle each other. My main Pokemon is only at a level 10. I really need to get out in the tall grass and battle more so I can level up my Pokemon. I started yesterday. Drew and I also spent about a half hour yesterday with our big ole Pokemon book coming up with quizzes on how well we know our Pokemon. You know stuff like: He’s the first evolution, looks like a monkey and is a fire type, what’s his name. Then Drew gets all difficult and throws in legendary..and I get confused.
  • Drew and I are both really into Ben 10. Have you ever watched the show? No? Find it, watch it. Great TV.
  • We went to see Indiana Jones last night. It was REALLY good. So was the popcorn. You can buy Vitamin Water at AMC. I love that.
  • I got to actually DO my job this morning, share information, teach. I felt like a combination “know it all” and boss lady. I loved the power.
  • I really need to finish laundry tonight but I think we’re going to see Iron Man again.
  • There are ALOT of rivers flooding North of where I am. A lot of these little towns are cute little places too. I feel bad cause this isn’t the first time the levees have failed.
  • Should we build levees to try to change rivers? Maybe not. Shouldn’t we just let nature take it’s course and not live in those areas that are flood prone. I guess it’s a little too late to do that now. Look at New Orleans.
  • There was a picture in the paper of this kid helping sandbag. He was 16. He was born during the flood of ’93. Why does the flood of ’93 feel like just last year. We still talk about it as “The Flood”. I guess I never thought that the kids don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.
  • I just got to be Boss again with the answers. I like this. Maybe I need to run the company?
  • I REALLY like the new Cold Play song. Gwenyth Paltrow’s hubby is kind of hot too.
  • Did you know that John McCain’s sons are actually IN the military?
  • I am SO glad that Hillary is not the Democratic Nom…Barak O’Boyfriend better not choose her as his running mate.
  • Did you hear Jamie Lynn Spears had her baby? NO..well she did. Little girl. I bet she’s gonna be cute.
  • I’m reading about 3 books right now that I can’t finish.
  • My PT on my ankle is going well. I get to do all kinds of little exercises. The bike, stairs, squats, rubberband things. You know what, it makes my knees hurt.
  • I keep reading blogs about parents trying to potty train their kids and I’m sitting here shaking my leg while I type this cause I gotta go really bad and am not taking the time to get up off my duff and go.

So that concludes today’s post about stuff. Gotta Go.