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What a strange Autumn we’re having..


OK.. as we move OUT of Indian Summer and SLAM into winter..let’s stop to reflect the weirdness.

Drew’s soccer is almost over and I only wore a sweatshirt once. What happened to cold soccer mornings? This is strange.

There are 5 less shopping days in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Did you know that?

We don’t change our clocks until NOVEMBER?? What is up with that, it is always in October. I thought it was this week.

Next week, I start an exercise program. What ? You didn’t hear me? EXERCISE.. it’s where I go somewhere with a bunch of other people and move around and maybe sweat..the intention is to be a more fit, tone, healthy person. This will be the form of water aerobics… Usually a bunch of middle age sagging women and bad 90’s pop music. Go me!

SO what else is making your season a little strange?