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Blogging VS Facebook





ImageI have no idea why I’m here today.. well maybe that is a lie. I was reading on FB about a girl who started and stopped her blog many times.. and has been in a grove for a whole year, I thought.. wouldn’t THAT be a novel idea. I am pretty much stuck on FB.. I may click on a link to a blog but I get all my information and entertainment from FB now. 

I am not ME on Facebook.. I was here. I’m only partially me.. the one that family knows.. and coworkers.. not the me that my blog friends have seen. Inappropriate me.. like the one who took the above photograph in Cape Town South Africa.. I took over 700 pictures and put the link on FB but there was a part of me that was screaming.. OMFG look at the Labia movie theater.. and make really inappropriate jokes.. maybe i need to bring that side of me over here more 🙂 

Reading Blogs


I started reading blogs again. Not always commenting but I’m reading them. I’m not only reading the “old blogs” but reading fresh pressed and clicking links.

I am promising myself I wont’ get caught up in the blog world like last time. It’s about my personal journal, things I need to say, want to say or share. If someone else is reading it.. than great. If not I won’t die.

I read this post today and fell in love with it. I am a reader..

Why I am Not a Rock Star Blogger


Rock Star Bloggers have been quite the talk lately on the Internet. Some of my favorite bloggers and people on twitter have been making comments ever since the big Blogher convention (that I did not attend)   (maybe next year)

So…do you aspire or dream of becoming a rock star blogger??

I think it would be alot of work first off and I’m a bit too lazy to try that hard. Then there is the whole thing about me being a very poor writer and speller. (can I blame the Catholic schools or is it my lack of hard work?)  I see bloggers out there that are doing everything to whore their sites and get more readers. Is it for popularity? Money from ads (one of these days I’ll get some) or is it their break into a serious career?  I of course do not blog for a living. I blog pretty much for myself. I would think by the topics of my posts that you would realize that. I talk about my bathroom, crazy mom and to do lists…along w/ some random book and tv stuff. I do not have the type of blog posts that web sites would crawl to and beg me to “guest post”… I’m not talking about when you go on vacation and ask me to guest post (biddy and dolce did once)

I read some rock star blogs.. Pioneer Woman/Dooce/Bossy  for three.. you know where you are 1 of 1000 and don’t feel the need to comment cause what’s the difference.  Then there are people that SHOULD be considered Rock Star but not enough people know about them yet, kind of like The Jason Show…but he’s getting there…what him be a guest speaker at blogher next year, that is my prediction. Then there is Robyn at Pocket Aces… there are only 2 people that comment on her blog.. WHY? She is SO Rock Star material. (I don’t feel like linking today….these people are all on my blogroll)

There are a few bloggers that I don’t read anymore, and it’s kind of sad. You know you come here and leave a comment you KNOW I’m reading your blog too..and it’s a bloggy friendship. I’ve found a few of those Rock Star blogger wanna be’s that just got too big for their britches. Once they became big enough for some recognition they quit reading blogs or leaving comments…cause they were writing for this blog and that blog. I have to tell you the biggest turn off for me is “I’m not here today check me out at this blog”… I never click over…unless you are doing a guest post for someone on vacation, not one of those parenting blogs..cause you know what? I’m a step mom …I already know everything 🙂

You following my rant and rave at all? I’m not naming names cause you know what, some of the people that I consider Rock Star may be no body’s to you..or they may be your best buddy.

Maybe I’m still a little bitter about that ad site. I don’t remember my name..but back when I was still on blogger I signed up for this site where you can pick items to talk or advertise. Stuff like you could get $8 if you talk about a laundry detergent or a website… I LOVE doing surveys and stuff and thought that would be something fun to add to my blog, especially since I was on a waiting list at blogher. The corporation turned me down. They said that my blog had too many run on sentences, misspelled words and not a theme. OMG asswipes…it’s like they told me my brain was dysfunctional. Cause that’s how I think..in run on sentences that are spelled the way they sound with lots of …. dots….  Even since then I have hung my hat on the idea of ever becoming a rock star blogger. I think it would suck to no appreciate every single person that reads my blog.

I have to tell you…speaking of Rock Star bloggers…you know who does it SO well… Sandy at Momisodes. She has like 40 plus people that comment on her blog and she always comes here a couple times a week at least and leaves me a comment…and I see her commenting all over the place too. THAT is a classy rock star blogger. Don’t you think?  You read Sandy? You should.

And I’m leaving you with an update on my To Do list.. (did you see Bossy copied off me and did her own to do list lol)

I spent any free minute this weekend reading …I started the Twilight series. I did NOT do anything w/ my pictures. I organized my husbands clothes and not mine. Rimmy is still MIA and Bri went out for karaoke way too late for my 41 year old body.

OK…gonna use spell check and hit publish.  I just read…I DO ramble don’t I?

MP’s To Do List


I just have to get this stuff into writing or I’ll never get it all done. You know how that goes?

This of course is not in order of importance, cuz that would make too much sense. 

  • Organize Clothes In the Basement. OMG I think I’ve worn and washed the same shirt like 5 times in a week. Ever since we got home from Hilton Head…w/ the hotel stays and everything it’s nuts. Everything was just thrown into a pile in the basement and I don’t know where half my stuff is.
  • Get my Hilton Head pictures finished. I have (if you click on the flickr link to the right/bottom) about a half a week of photos up on flickr. I need to edit stuff and get them up there.
  • Post pictures of my new bathroom. I want to finish the Hilton Head pictures first though. I really miss my flickr buddies..I have a whole group of people I play with and I’ve totally neglected them.
  • Organize the bathroom. I have half my stuff put away but then there is some in the spare/Drew’s bedroom closet and on my dresser in the bedroom. I couldn’t even tell you where my Clinque stuff is or a Qtip.
  • Need to get back to Weight Watchers.  My skinny clothes are starting to get tight and that really isn’t an option, at all.
  • I want to join the YMCA. I hate that it’s so expensive but it really is worth it when you look at the discounts on swim classes and stuff. I really want to start going to Aqua Aerobics again. I love it and I haven’t gone in years. We have an awesome Y by our house too, it’s only a couple years old. They actually have family swim on some weekends, Drew would love that. He said yesterday that he’d like to start training for the Olympics.. I guess that would be at the same time that he trains for American Idol.. :-)♥
  • Learn about WTF is going on in Georgia and Russia. I understand a little more since I read Bossy’s blog today.
  • Get in touch w/ Briand find out WTF is going on w/ the karaoke out-ting that I want to crash.
  • Find out WTF is going on withRimmy. He hasn’t returned my email. You OK??
  • Catch up on my shows that are on my DVR. The Closer and Saving Grace for sure.
  • See if I can’t find a specialist for my eye disease. Aides Tonic Pupil is one of those rare things. My prescription strength isn’t that strong, but it’s like I always have a blown pupil. One eye is worse that the other and at times I only see a blur..but then I go to the doctor and I’m fine. It’s very frustrating.
  • Get more serious about photography. Learn how to take pictures..use my camera. Maybe take a class or at least read the book that came with the camera.
  • Do all of the really cool meme’s that I’ve been wanting to do. One post I have been wanting to do is the Dinner Party. That is the one where you pick 10 bloggers that you don’t know IRL that you would like to have dinner with.

OK, I really think there are more but I don’t want to overload myself. Any major stuff on your to do list or mundane crap like mine?

Some happenings in the Land of Blog


I know that just because you come here and talk to me I can’t assume that you read everything that I read..and if you don’t you are missing out on some stuff. So..here is what you need to do and read!

Connie and her family just got back from Alaska. OMG the pictures are awesome.

There are a couple new bloggie babies baking in the oven: Here and Here

I blogged the other day about Jason getting married. Well Kate is getting married too!

Linda got a new hot tub..and his having some MORE work on the bathroom.

Pumpkin is moving from an undisclosed location back to Scotland and is VERY excited.

Sandy’s baby girl is going to SCHOOL for part of the day.

Raquita redid her blog..to combine w/ her photography business. OMG it’s awesome.

I haven’t totally caught up on all my commenting and reading since..Oh July 2ndish.. I may get caught up today!

Rants that include Religion,Bicycles,Movies and more!


Sometimes when I post a couple times in a day people don’t read my previous post…So go over there and tell me what the hell to do with my hair..then come back.

This is going to be one of those random time things..you know then one that usually wears you out.

First thing when I got to work I opened the Internet and was OVERJOYED to see that our Archbishop is being sent to Rome. IMO I would have fired him…but this IS the Catholic Church. They gave him a promotion. Good riddance.

I was totally psyched to see white octagonal tile on a section of our ripped up bathroom floor. Short lived excitement..hubby hates it. It will not be uncovered and restored 😦

I am SICK and tired of Bike Riders. You know the ones I’m talking about? Tight clothes, water bottles riding their bikes RIGHTINFRONTOFMYCAR!!! For the love of GOD get on the sidewalk, buy a car, take the bus…do something but don’t hold up rush hour traffic by riding your fricking bike in the lane that is meant for automobiles. That’s great your are some tree hugging hippie who is showing off you are all green…..JUST MOVE before you get run over or cause an accident. OH and see that red light up there??? Well if you think you have all these rights to ride your bike in my car lane then you have to obey the fricking traffic rule…STOP at RED….don’t ride next to me on the shoulder either, I can’t see you!! (I feel better)

There are some REALLY crappy movies out there. I’ve been recording movies that I alone would like in the bedroom..rephrasing, I am recording movies in my room that I would like to watch, and that I know my husband wouldn’t like to watch. Two movies I deleted right away…Lover’s Prayer w/ Kirsten Dunst and Everything is Illuminated with Elijah Wood. OMG, I gave both of those movies about a half our of my life and deleted them. Then I watched Bobby..the story of RFK. WTF was up with all the characters? Many I didn’t care about at all… I would have rather had the story center around a few people at the hotel…a few people in the staff or through the eyes of the killer.

Did you go to the previous post yet and give me hair suggestions, you really should.

It is hotter than hell today but we’re supposed to have a “cool front” tonight w/ big ole storms..which is what our area needs w/ all the flooding. Speaking of flooding another levee broke.

I’m having major food issues…my appetite has changed or something. My frozen weight watchers lunches just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’m hungry again.

Another weekend w/out Drew. Not sure what we are going to do. Shopping tonight since I need something for storage in the bathroom. Dad wants to go to a BBQ tomorrow…there is a St Louis blogger event on Saturday too… I don’t know…we’ll see.

I still owe 2 people meme’s.. maybe this weekend. I also have pictures on my computer at home that I need to upload to flickr.

Anything exciting this weekend? Must see movies on cable?

As the stomach turns…


Of course the world doesn’t end because my life has been topsy turvy. I have taken the time to click through some blogs but haven’t commented on everything.

My links are on my blogroll: Sarah and the Goonsquad has a HAWT picture of Anthyony Bourdaine..I need a cold shower.

Biddy is going to begin her great bloggy friend vacation.

Rimmy tagged me for  a meme that I have to get too.

In My Life:

Drew’s doctor said that his surgery went OK but his appendix was nasty. The antibiotics didn’t work. Dolce’s MIL works in the insurance dept at the hospital. Said it was the first time they tried it that way…

We had Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde last night. OMG we were waiting for the bed to spin and pea soup to fly across the room. I’m sure it was the drugs since at times he would apologize for his behaviour.

The nurse yesterday afternoon was a girl I knew..I grew up next door to her grandpa.

One other nurse thought I was GRANDMA..Fricking Grandma. That would make me Drew’s mom’s  mother?? SO she’s 38 so I have to be 58?? WTF..I want her head! Someone fire her.

Meatloaf blue plate special at the hospital was awesome.

Drew started puking on Friday night..it hasn’t even been a week but it feels like a month.

I went yesterday and got my ankle checked out. I have to go Friday for an MRI.. Hopefully Drew’s home by then.

Sunday our sales mtg at work starts.

I have an allergy or a cold. My head is stuffed up and it’s dripping down my throat. Right now, I’m eating coffee, poptarts and snot. NICE.

In the world:

OMG if Barak takes Hillary as his running mate he may as well shot himself in the foot. He would be smart if he picked John Edwards.

I think McCain has his work cut out for him. I think this election may actually be interesting.

Remember that on the 28th of May, which was a week a go.. Bri and I went to the Cardinal game. I bitched cause I had to wear a coat. Well, it’s in the 90’s now.

They put a million dollar reward for new pictures of Big Foot. Cool!!

Tonight the NBA finals start. I guess I should make sure to bring a book to the hospital.

OMG the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. That sucks so bad. Anyone but them…(you would understand if you grew up a Blue’s fan)

Due to production problems on the new Survivor..I think it’s going to be REALLY good. They are in Africa again but this time it’s more “natural” where there are real animals.

There is a new Mole. I loved the last one but I’ve missed this one. Anyone else see it? Is it any good? Should I try to catch up on line or something?

OK, I think that’s all the news that I have. I’ve warned upper management that if they try to reach me today and I don’t answer it’s cause I’m napping.. I was serious.

Bloggy Bling and other news!


My friend at Functional Shmunctional awarded me this groovy new bloggy bling. I’m one of 4 other blogs that make her day! That’s kinda cool. She awarded blogs that are “new to her”..and I decided to do the same!

Danielle-Lee at A Little Left of Lost is new to me. California girl at heart stuck in Texas.

Dee Dee at Random Ramblings

Amanda ..who’s blog name says it all. A Day in the Life of Amanda.

Are We There Yet Mom. I started off here for a photo contest.. now I can’t stay away.

Bill and Jill.This is one of those that should be “famous”.. Tag team blogging at it’s finest. In my opionion I rank this blog w/ Pioneer Woman and Dad Gone Mad.

I will eventually get to each of you to let you know your bling is here to pick up but for now I need to finish this post up and get some work done so I can read blogs later today.

TonightBri and I are going to the Cardinal Game. On May 28th..in a coat. What is going on? I’m looking forward to it. Houston killed the Cards last night so we have to do halfway decent tonight. I’m going to need a scorecard though. We have practically a new baseball team.

Couple Questions for you….


Who is

Guy Kawasaki

and what is all the hype?

What is


and is that something I need to sign up..visit??

If you are a lurker, who are you and what is your blog?

If I have no lurkers I want to know what blog should I be reading that is not on my blogroll list?

And lastly..I THINK that I have my blogroll complete, it was acutally a lot of work but fun. If you don’t see your name let me know and I’ll get you added today. I have a 9am meeting but after that I figure it’s going to be a slow day here.

I have 2 meme’s to do this afternoon. FUN!!

Break Time


OK..American Idol was great, although the boxing theme went a little overboard. David A was much less “Up With People” than normal which will help him with votes. It really doesn’t matter who wins. I’m looking for tomorrow night, hope it’s not TOO corny. We got our tickets for the concert! Pretty good seats.

NCIS drove me nuts. I was OK w/ Jenny dying but HELLO..you cannot break up the team. Wonder how Gibbs is going to get them all back together. The only way he’d have a new team is if we hear about new casting.

I was going to pick the new iTunes winner but didn’t get to it tonight, I promise I’ll do that tomorrow night.

I got 45.5% through with updating my blogroll..so no if you aren’t there it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you..I just haven’t finished yet 🙂

I haven’t had time to read my book at all tonight..grrr. Oh well. I’m going to get jammies on and watch Shark. I’ll have to watch Medium tomorrow I guess, not enough hours in the day. I got some laundry done and did some grocery shopping for mom.

I didn’t get to finish all my blog reading today either. I’m such a slacker.