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Thinking in blog posts…again


I can tell the times are changing. I’m thinking in blog posts. I’m encouraging Craig to get back to writing. I am taking pictures. I am in love with who I believe is my forever partner. With my mother gone I am finally feeling kind of like an adult, maybe not…. but at least I’m thinking that maybe I’m almost an adult.

I found a church. I love this church. It’s Methodist. What do I know about that..?? Nothing. I know that I am thinking about God more in my life. I’m thinking I need the structure of religion. I had lost hope.. not sure in what but that sparkle was gone. Life had been so flat.. so sad.

I feel as if it’s time to pull myself up, dust myself off.

The pastor has been doing a serious on Defining Moments.. Think about it. God seemed to have chosen screw ups to do great things. God doesn’t call us to do things we already know how to do. We need to be scared, doubt, take a chance and leap! Whatever it is, changing jobs, being responsible, having a family.. for me it is taking over my parents house as my own, being responsible, starting my life with Craig.

I am having the bedroom painted on Thursday followed by the bed being delivered on Friday. This seems like nothing but this is what I have been using as my excuse. Well NO MORE EXCUSES!! I know I’ve preached this once before, I just don’t think I was ready, and you need to be ready.

So.. since I’ve been thinking in blog posts.. hopefully I’ll be posting more blog posts.. I need to use my mobile app!

Not quite in passing..but I didn’t want this to be my main post. I just can’t imagine training for YEARS for a marathon and finally after all that hard work getting killed or lose a limb on the day you were finalizing your goal. When these people were coming up with excuses not to the marathon I don’t think any of them said “Well what if someone bombs the route”.. You just never know.. but you will never live a fulfilled life if you don’t take a chance.


Blogging VS Facebook


I really think that there is a place for both. I can’t see posting my thoughts and feelings to 600+ people.. friends, family, classmates.. but I can here.. to the world. You think that would be odd but it’s not. Here.. you have to make a conscious decision to click and read my blog.. a Facebook post shows up in your stream, you almost have to see it.

For me Facebook is about being entertained.. either with news or comedy. I don’t want to hear about your boil or how stupid your sister-in-law is. I want to know celebrity gossip, see cute little someecards, play my games, see your pictures.. If I want to know your struggles.. fears.. or learn about your life then I will read your blog or have a private conversation with you.

I now have a little room in my life for my blog again, and that feels good.


Like Minded


I’ve used the phrase before, actually on my blogher profile. For me blogging was a community of like minded people, then in my opinion it turned into making money. I was out. 

Real life should be about surrounding yourself with like minded people, in your family, your friends, your work, your church. I’m not saying that everyone should be, that would be borning. Until my separation I had only one like minded person in my life, a girl from work. She moved on, became a mommy and then there was just me again. 

Now.. my friend R and I hang out quite a bit. She is a bit like me. We can talk for hours and enjoy many of the same things. Major difference is that her priority is her son. I appreciate that. I have finally met someone that is very like minded. We met on that on line dating service. Last night was instant messages for about six hours. It was so refreshing to talk to someone who understood things you were trying to say and could feed off one topic on to another. We’re meeting in person tomorrow night, and I’m looking forward to that very much. Unconventional I’m sure but we already decided even if there was not an urge to take it to the next level we could still be great single friends. I’m nervous yet excited. 



It’s all about the timing.


Too Much Time On My Hands

As I mentioned, I’m ready to date.. I figure it’s time. The soon to be ex had a girlfriend a year ago.. I’m just now making the time to explore what is out there. I figured out that if I didn’t just DO something I’d get stuck in a rut.. a comfortable one, yet a rut.

I’ve never been a dater. I can count the number of real “dates” on 2 hands. I don’t know what the rules are.. what you do, what to say, for me dating is just going out with a friend, that you might be interested in right?

Internet dating is totally different. You are allowing yourself time to have conversations first.. “here”.. in keyboard and monitor land. Where it’s all nice and comfy and not scary. No need to worry if you shaved your legs or look too fat in this outfit. It’s all about expressing yourself with words and letting your personality shine first, not your winning smile.

There have been men that have sent me messages that I didn’t bother to even reply. “wanna fuk?” is not going to get my attention, nor on the other end of the spectrum “looking for a serious relationship that can as well lead to marriage, I know you might not want to rush things but I don’t mind keeping it slow and steady .. So yeah I checked your profile basically cause you’ve got loads of stuff that entice me and I am willing to kick start something with you. ”

I have only had real conversations with a couple people. The first person I went out with was great. I don’t think there was anything “there”.. but I’m glad he was the first person I went on a date with, I felt very comfortable, he was very attentive and someone I could be friends with.. but he had major issues and a young child and WOW.. I don’t think he was in the right time of his life to date.

I talked to another guy who was uber religious. Yeah.. I wasn’t going to touch that. Mass in Latin and evangelizing isn’t my idea of fun right now. I just want to go to dinner, bar or hear some music!

If I did everything in my life that I needed to do I wouldn’t have time.. but I figure I need to make time to enjoy life. I can’t put myself on hold. That isn’t an option.

I don’t want to have a bunch of first dates. I hope I can find someone that I enjoy being with. I’d rather find someone that I can do things with and be friends with and of course enjoy extra special times as well. Of course I’d like to fall in love but I’m not going out with huge expectations only to get my heart mushed. It’s about the timing, and now is the time to begin the rest of my life.

I’m alive…..


Cake – Long Time

For a few reasons I’ve been thinking about my sad little blog for a while.

I decided to finally start moving on with my life, you know and getting a life.. so I created an online profile on a dating website. I went out on one date…got that out of the way, and it was very nice. Recently I was talking to a guy who is a writer and had some on line stuff that is REALLY good.. a novella, which I will find out soon how much was fiction and non fiction. ANYWAY.. I realized now if you google me you can eventually find my blog. SO.. I  realized that someone was actually reading my blog before meeting me.. so I checked it out again…

WOW.. I have been SO depressing. I look like one of those miserable girls. I’m lucky this guy still wants to go out with me. (first date this weekend which could either be a date or a non date get together.. guess we’ll have to see)..

So.. attorney taken care of.. she’s working on that paperwork

Real Estate Agent contacted.. old house will be listed soon!

Mom and Dad are still the elder bunnies.. that is really the only difficult part of life and I keep telling myself. “this isn’t forever, this isn’t forever”.. and I keep on trucking.

I’ve gotten together with Drew a few times, he’s getting SO mature. He’s awesome.

Went to the baseball game with the ex-inlaws.. I think just cause I’m fucking awesome.

Now I just need to get that exercise regiment back in place…

And Life Goes On..


Life never truly goes without thoughts of blogging. My good Catholic upbringing keeps the guilt.. knowing this is sitting here.. just hanging out waiting for me to type.. and then there is Facebook.. I’m friends with oodles of bloggers and still read some of the blogs now.. and then.. not very often but I do. I have lost touch with everything else.. like I just found out Bossy was getting divorced and I have no idea if Pioneer Woman ever opened a B&B.

My life goes on. Same job.. same house, same husband, same stepson.

Parents are getting super old.. 85 and 90 now. When I last left you we were going to Hawaii.. and I didn’t want to go. We went. We landed and I checked my phone.. my dad was in the ER… and it’s all been insane since then. Dad’s gone downhill.. the lastest ended up being a visit to the hospital and then the nursing home, he’s getting discharged this Sunday. Mom had had some home care.. they will now get 24 hour care in the home. But they will be together.. It’s insane really. Mom thinks that if she would have adopted another child I would be better off.. well it’s a little late for that. I’m 44 I dont’ think it’s time to get me that brother I always wanted.

I think I have gained back all the weight I lost last year. Oh and I stopped smoking… again. I am going to have to get back on the exercise wagon. Our YMCA is now awesome and one of my BFF’s moved back and wants to take Zumba with me, I went to one class. I realized I’m better off watching the purses.. but this isn’t a bar.. so I have to try. Hopefully my knees will hold up. I really should get back in the pool.

I’m going to download WordPress to my newest phone.. and see if I may not actually become a blogger again. I really miss it. I’m just not sure if I want to combine my blogging and facebook. I don’t think I will.
Do I cuss here? I cuss in real life and I don’t cuss on Facebook since I’m friends with ex teachers and priests and stuff.. Can I say fuck here? I forget.

OH.. and Survivor starts again. Mmmm Boston Rob.. (yes I know I’m bad)

August? Really?


Summer has just wizzed by. Is that how you spell wizzed? If not you should.

Most of the summer has been upside down temperature wise..we went to Aruba shortly after Memorial Day and it was rainy like spring in town. We got back and had a fricking HEAT wave. Then July comes around and the whole month I think it hit 90 once! Now it’s August and it’s getting hot again.

And where are the hurricanes? Weren’t we supposed to have deadly hurricanes this year?  I don’t recall even hitting the “A” storm.

We’re doing good. Drew turned 10. What the hell..double digits and he is acting like a teenager. I can beat him can’t I? jk

We saw Coldplay in concert this summer, that was fricking awesome.

I’m still addicted to facebook..and you can find me there!!

I’m also still addicted to TV. This summer I’ve been watching True Blood, Hung, Leverage, Hawthorn, The Closer, Saving Grace, Big Brother (go Jeff!) and Anthony Bourdaine, No Reservations…

My friend at work had a baby..and I am so antsy to meet him and kiss his feet.

I am starting to get into the habit of reading blogs again. I read Fluid Pudding today.. but usually I have been reading off my reader.

I’m doing weight watchers again..counting points. Did you know tomatoes are free? I love them w/ balsamic vinegar…yum.

I’m back to my deep water class at the Y. I need to loose 2 sizes please.

Random: Why do I always wear the e and n off my keyboard?

How is your summer?