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Hello, My Name is MP and I’m addicted to TV


Not ALL TV.. but most. I realized the other day that I had over 60 things recording on my DVR.

I have so much shit going on in my life right now and I’m all topsy turvey yet I am finding time to add the new Survivor Redemption Island and The Amazing Race. For me that’s not trashy reality TV. I don’t watch Jersey Shore, the Bachelor or any of that .. which I guess I’m saying is trashy.. Sorry Snookie or whatever the fuck your name is.
Survivor started last night and Amazing Race starts Sunday. Boston Rob is the main reason that I am routing for the orange team. I HATE Philip and his jockey underwear.. blah blah blah secret agent man.. WTF?

I am also in love with the 1 hour crime..or medical drama. I am watching Detroit 197 or whatever.. CSI NY, CSI Vegas, Human Target, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order LA, Criminal Minds.. I’m recording the new Criminal Minds, haven’t seen it yet, Warehouse 13, Leverage, The Closer, Rizzoli and Isles.. sp??, NCIS, NCIS LA, The Defenders, Blue Bood, V, The Event, True Blood, Hawaii 50.. I have recorded the new Sunshine 30 min show and Outsourced but have yet to watch either.. every 30 minute show I seem to like goes away. I have never seen Lost or 24 or the McDreamy show.. I have watched Bones and House and like them very much.. but they conflict some of my other TV watching.

Make sure you understand. I don’t WATCH all of this. This is all being recorded on my DVR along w/ Anthony Bourdaine and House Hunters. I watch when I can. Some shows.. like last season’s Hung (one 30 minute show I watch) and HawtoRNe have yet to be watched. I try to only record in regular, not HD.. since there is not enough room.. I mean do I really need Harry’s Law in HD.. Kathy Bates.. really? Of course I find that the same orgasm episode of Real Sex is in HD like 5 times.. I just deleted those the other day.. opps.. (yes i rewatched them first)

I like to record chick flicks.. I just watched Valentine’s Day.. it was kinda cute.. I recorded that in the middle of the night. Great for a weekend TV watch.

There is ZERO time now though. Between my parents and 5th Grade Sporting events.. it’s been nuts.
I have only watched one episode of American Idol.. Can you believe that? I KNOW. I guess I’ll just skip to past Hollywood week.. to whatever is next.

My big concern now.. Cowboy’s? Or Margie and Luke??


Blog thinking has returned


At least 5 times this weekend I thought their were some blogworthy things to talk about..that’s a step in the right direction isn’t it?
I’ve forgotten what they all were though.

Normally I just tweet them (twitter) or add to facebook. Normally now..

We went to a friends for dinner Saturday night. Ate then played Mexican Train dominoes. It was a good time. J ate too much and then felt like crap all day yesterday.

I decided to go to the Y every day and exercise…at least 30 minutes. I have totally blown it but at least I’m going 3 or more days a week.
I can’t walk on the treadmill without holding on. I like it. I never thought I would say that.

You watching American Idol…I am. I’m a Danny fan.

You watching Amazing Race.. I am. I think the only one’s I don’t care for are the tweedle bros..I hate that they screwed w/ the pumps. Moooooooommmm … remember that from last night. My husband had to stifle a snicker.

You watching Survivor? … I am. My favorite right now is Taj. I don’t think she’s going to make it to the merge. I hope so though.

I’m still hungry. Off to hunt food.

Weekend Update aka New Time Suck and Review


Facebook. OMG I joined Facebook. It’s like a mini carnival on my computer. There in one room are friends from High School, Twitter, Blogging, TV, Flickr..and you know what, some of them know each other and I didn’t know it. We are sending each other buttons and angles and joining groups and sharing pictures.

OMG I totally get it.

In other news..Drew had 2 soccer games, a win and a tie. The tie caused cuz he ran down a kid and the ref thought that he tripped him.

We joined the Y! I brought my book today so I can choose what I’m signing up for. I’d like to do beginning Yoga but the timing may be wierd. Anyone else do yoga?

I’m STILL waiting for my new glasses to come in. They said my sunglasses were there but my regular glasses weren’t in yet.

NCIS is on tonight… Wooo hoo..!

Who is watching Amazing Race. I was sorry to see the hippies leave. I don’t care for the wife of the cheater, Starr the sister or the runner boyfriend of the NY gal w/ a job.. he REALLY pissed me off. Get over yourself already.. She should dump him and get herself a boytoy like Dallas.

And..if you have an opportunity and you haven’t seen it…check out the movie called The Black Book. It’s in dutch w/ english subtitles..but don’t let that discourage you. The movie takes place in Holland at the end of WWII.