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Have I got drama for you!? Yet I’m feeling REALLY good. Let’s work with bullet points why don’t we!? I think it’s too difficult to actually create an accurate time line.. so just go with me..

  • Soon to be ex-husband is still living in my parents house still. He wants to play this until January. I am TRYING to play along and just “use” him.. but OMG I want him gone.
  • The new girlfriend has changed her FB status to “in a relationship” with a “anniversary date” of at lest a month before I knew.
  • The bank has decided to modify my loan! I found a friend who actually needed help and is renting my place.. it doesn’t pay the full mortgage but it may help to hold on to it until the market changes.
  • I’m meeting with a divorce attorney tomorrow.
  • My parents car was stolen and recovered. The police taught me how to start a car with a screwdriver.
  • I am getting together with my friends which is nice.
  • We are gathering people to play bocce again once a week.
  • I am getting ME back.. and smiling.
  • I started smoking again.. so sue me.. I’ll quit again.
  • I have told my work place about the divorce and how I’ll end up having to take care of my parents some days. They are willing to give me a home office when needed.
  • I was getting the gas turned back on in my house for the new tenant/friend…ended up they couldn’t do it because there is a freaking gas leak.
SO.. is that enough drama for you? It is for me.. Yet I feel so alive and for the most part good.. crying has stopped.. not much regret.. I get to sleep in a real bed this Saturday. J is staying w/ my parents and I’m spending the night at a friends house.  We still need to tell our families.. and my awesome 12 year old stepson. SO.. not over by a longshot.. but it’s moving right along.
And yes.. I have every intention of getting back to blogging yet I still don’t have a new routine.. and I’m still not reading blogs like I should.. but I will.. right now it’s still just a bit about me.

Separated Together


That’s what this feels like. We are NOT a couple but we are living in the same house. His number one is his son followed by the new girlfriend, yet he wants to act like I mean something to him and he wants to help with my parents. I have to admit it’s like a mutual using of sorts now.

This weekend was his first “sleep over”. It was my first weekend out without being accountable to anyone.. well except my mom who called me in a bar at 2:45am. (yeah really, she doesn’t sleep).

He’s due home at 8pm tonight and I wish that he wasn’t coming back, it would make life so much easier.

I have a guy friend that is interested in renting my other house, I don’t know that it will be enough to dig me out of what I’m in..

I appreciate the comments. I am doing OK. I had a couple days where all I did was cry and cry, but lately I’m doing OK. I’ve gotten made a few times, angry a few times but I will be OK.

I still have to tell work.. and I haven’t told my parents. I am still starting to tell my friends. I am filling my time with events w/ friends.

Spring Cleaning My Life


Well.. I got off my ass finally and got some things done. Had the conversation with the caregivers.. said things need to change, I’m going to be more involved in running my parents house. I don’t know why this has been so freaking scary for me, but it has been. I guess it’s huge.. well I know it’s a huge ass deal. I feel SO relieved I made that step.. I knew I would be. Procrastination? I’m not sure. The break I wanted wasn’t much of one since it was surrounded in guilt.

My friend I mentioned, I’m working on forgiveness.. not sure how that relationship will continue yet but at least I’m working on it in my heart.

I suppose I’m kind of doing a Spring Cleaning in my life.. It totally fits with the NoMoreExcuses..

It is difficult, like with Katrina, Haiti.. and now Japan.. it’s difficult watching what is going on in the world and still try to continue a daily life.. those people don’t have a choice, they are stuck taking help where they can, not able to mourn the loss of loved once as they struggle to survive themselves. I can’t feel guilty for not being a part of that though. I need to wish them well in my heart and hope they feel some peace. Who am I kidding, it has to just suck.. Ugg…I almost want to avoid the news.

Well I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I have things to do both in my life.. my heart.. my parents.. work.. etc. My husband hit a pick 4 in the lottery and is taking those winnings to start a small investment. I’m glad he’s able to do that.

In totally unrelated news: We saw Battlefield Los Angeles today.. I don’t think I breathed for 2 hours.. Fun action/war movie.. I highly recommended if you like that sort of movie.



Brand New Post Involving Bullet Points!

  • This was our group that walked

    This was our group that walked

    I have been in SUCH a blogging funk I feel like I’ve been gone for a million years.

  • Lately I feel a million years old. My hair needs to be dyed, I have so many grey’s I look 60..not that there is anything wrong with being’s just that I’m still in my early 40’s.
  • I just now forgot how old I was.
  • I got out the calculator. I’m still 42
  • I have been an excercising fool.
  • I still can’t fit back into my skinnier pants that I was wearing last spring.
  • We have a full membership to the Y and I take 2 classes a week. Deep Water Exercise. I really like it.
  • I walk on the treadmill and ride the staionary bike.
  • I bought a real live mountain bike. It’s a Schwinn. It’s Pink.
  • I walked in my first “walk” at Forest Park. It was for March of Dimes in memory of Maddie. I met Lisa and Heather who have blogs and there really cute kids. There was also a woman named Adene who brought her preemie w/ her..he’s 13 and his friend. The last mile was tough, it was 3.25 miles or something like that.
  • I started taking pictures again. Check the link on the side to Flickr.
  • I’ve had some people offer to buy prints from me. They have only shown interest. Could you even imagine?
  • I’ve been very irritable lately. I think I’m going through premenapause. (sorry to any boy reading). I haven’t had a period in at least 4 months. It could be because I’ve been exercising more. No I’m not pregnant and no I haven’t gone to the doctor.
  • They cut our pay at work..that sucks. I’m one of the few people that is taking less pay but has to do more work. Hourly employees take an unpaid day off every pay period. I’d rather have one of those.
  • I’m still addicted to Facebook and Twitter. I have a tweetdeck now.
  • I’m going to Aruba in 6 weeks and I haven’t told my mother yet.
  • My mother is driving me even MORE crazy than normal.
  • I am starting to read blogs again…baby steps…baby steps…
  • I really think I need to win the lottery.
  • There was an earthquake in Mexico City today as well as that Swine Flu thing going around. I”m glad I don’t have plans to go to Mexico.
  • Drew is playing baseball now. He likes it.
  • It feels good to get back to random bullet points!

Things going on…


I KNOW I KNOW…if you aren’t on the blogroll yet chances are I am aware..but if I go out of order from my favorites I’ll get more confused. I did a few more this morning.

OMG David Cook won American Idol. Thank God we record so we can skip all the commercials…the one I loved though that we did go back and watch was David A in the Guitar Hero commercial. Did you see that? He was dressed like Tom Cruise. Funny stuff.

Michael Johns and Carly..AWESOME. Brooke and Ghram Nash..AWESOME  I am SO looking forward to the concert.

I also watched the finale of Criminal Minds last night..I can’t believe someone is going to blow up. It will NOT be Garcia since she almost died last season.

I have to get some food and more coffee..I have a meeting to go to and it’s a LONG story..but there has been no one for sales for a YEAR in this meeting yet they talk about stuff VERY important to my job..I played the game and got myself invited. I must eat first.

Going to dinner w/ my FIL tonight, he’s coming in from AZ for business. 104 degrees to 60 degrees..hope he doesn’t go into shock.


You spin me right round baby right round


Oh the things I read that just have my brain spinning in OT.

Ricky Martin has a star on the Walk of Fame. Ricky Martin…hips gyrating, Menudo guy. Who are they going to give one too next? Vanilla Ice? Well I guess that’s not fair…

Dick Cheney and Obama are 8th cousins. THAT is cool. What are the chances that 2 distant relatives that didn’t know each other would BOTH be in high profile politics. That is cool.

Baby Jessica from the well…remember her, if you don’t that means you are 12.. WOW I’m mean today… any way she is getting something like a million bucks that have been in a trust since the whole dreaded well incident. Baby Jessica is a mom now. Yea that makes me feel really old.

We’re supposed to get storms, tornadoes and hail today. Here is me…without a window to watch it.

There was a sandstorm in CA that actually killed someone. Isn’t that freaky.

I just got a reminder call…like I could forget…tonight is Jack’s puppy school. Does this mean that he will quit tugging on the bottom of my pants? Will he quit biting my hands? Will he automatically walk on a leash? After $100 or so I hope the answer to all of the above is YES!

George Lucas is creating a TV show based on the Star Wars minor characters. I think that is TOTALLY AWESOME. Can you imagine? I wonder when it will take place. I’m hoping it will be during the Clone Wars. They can either do this really right or totally screw it up. I hope it is on the Sci Fi channel..I don’t want one of the major networks getting ahold of this. I’ll have to look into it. From what I understand David Eckstein’s wife is in it…I can’t remember her name and don’t feel like looking it up.

I REALLY need to get some new pictures of Jack, I can’t believe I am such a bad mommy.

Today is my mom and dad’s anniversary.. 54 years?? I guess I’ll have to ask. Don’t you agree that an Anniversary..other than 25 or 50 should be something shared between a husband and a wife?? I don’t feel that their anniversary is something I should celebrate, do you agree or am I a selfish bitch?

I’ve been cleaning house. NO not that type. I’ve deleted some of my favorites in my browser and a while back took off some people on my reading list. I mean..if you aren’t Pioneer Woman, Dad Gone Mad or Dooce (all though I have received a couple emails from Danny Evans)..then you can give a girl a courtesy comment every once and again…especially if that person is commenting on almost all of your posts. Don’t you agree? There are some that I just REALLY enjoy reading so much I don’t care if I get comments, aka Bossy. Am I the only one that feels that way. I do need to add to my side reading bar, not today though.

SO…we have a NEW KILLER.. Not AIDES anymore, this is associated w/ Staf Infections. There are all kinds of medical words and abbreviations..all I know is that you can carry it in your mucous and skin and it has been found in hospitals, schools and old folks homes..great. That’s all we need. I always did think that we used antibiotics for WAY to much stuff.
Remember when Aides was a diet candy. There were brown and kinda looked like a heart worm pill. My mom used to take those. I remember when the disease was first named in the 80’s I thought “ooo there is a marketing nightmare for the diet pills”… wonder if they renamed them or just went out of business. Hmmm

OK..back to work! Have a happy humpday!