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Things I enjoy and that make me happy..


I have been a real poopy head lately. Feeling sorry for myself, not taking care of myself.. in a REAL funk. I have been a bit negative. I decided to post about things I selfishly enjoy…and in doing so get to use my favorite bullet points.

  • Getting my nails done. Fingers AND Toes.. with the wonderful hand and leg massages that come with it.
  • Reading.. I love my Nook!
  • TV.. which we have already talked about.
  • Movies.. at the theater with popcorn/peanut M&M’s
  • Sleeping
  • The water.. in the pool, hot tub, bathtub, shower, ocean, lake, creek, rain.. you name it. I like water.. I also enjoy drinking it.
  • Massage.. mostly receiving.. but giving also
  • Music.. all kinds.. almost.. I listen all day long at work. Last FM now.. if anyone else is on I’m marypat66, be my friend I don’t have many.
  • Animals.. dogs, cats, turtles, birds.. I like going to the zoo or meeting your pet.
  • Taking pictures
  • Geneology
  • Playing on the computer
  • Learning things about things I’m interested in. .
  • Driving, sometimes being a passenger.
  • Games..Online, Board Games, Trivia Night.. I love games!!
  • Food.. cooking it or eating it
  • Walking.. mainly outside..but I don’t mind the treadmill
  • laughing.. I love when I’m so happy or something is so funny that I laugh.. and I love making others laugh.. laughing with someone is the best
  • Traveling, especially seeing something new
  • The weather.. thunderstorms, snowfall, wind.. lightening, thunder.. predicting and following jet streams
  • Fire.. grilling on the fire, fireplace, fire pit, bonfire..
  • coffee.. LOVE a good cup o’ joe
  • goood cocktail.. that first cold beer, salty margarita, smooth glass of wine, extra dirty martini..and I’m not taking about getting wasted. .I’m talking about responsible adult beverage at the appropriate time.
  • the feeling of clarity.. when something makes 100% sense in your head
  • the feeling when you have no responsibilities other than your own happiness for a few hours
  • feeling loved, needed and respected

This by all means is not’s just a sampling of things I know I enjoy, and need to make sure that I do them more often.


Happy get bullet’s again!

  • Is there a way to make money on WordPress? I get a bagillion hits a day on those stupid sexy girl photos I have…see links to the right.
  • I saw Wolverine. If you are a comic book geek..I say no. If you are an X-Men movie freek…hell to the yes. Awesome movie..and you see a little Hugh Jackman booty!
  • I rode my bike around the house a little on Saturday. Damn I live in a hilly neighborhood.
  • Went to Six Flags on Sunday. I LOVE roller coasters. It was a cool day and there was hardly anyone there. Sweat pants and long sleeve shirt. Love it!
  • Going to see The Killers tonight. To be honest I’m not very excited about it, but J is…
  • Anyone watching The Unit? Man it was good last night. I wondered if that guy was undercover the whole time..that was majorly intense.
  • I’m pleased with the Final 3 teams…if the black girls were in it they would be bickering w/ Luke and his mom..I was done w/ that. The snobby white girls though HAVE to come in 3rd…uggg…they are so ignorant to people.
  • I’m going to start Weight Watchers again. ….with my exercising. I think this time I may actually hit my goal. Wish me luck.
  • If you are a fan of James Patterson I wanted to tell you that The 8th Confession came out..part of the Women’s Murder Club. It was GOOOD.

Friday Reviews Brought to you by me


I LOVE to be entertained. Books, movies, TV..anything.  SO, I’m going to tell you what is entertaining me right now. I should do this on a weekly basis, shouldn’t I?

I was going to do a linky love thing but you know what, if you are interested just google it.

  • Shark Week. It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. If you are just hearing this for the first time please slap yourself on the head and turn on the TV.
  • Worth seeing in the theater. Hellboy II. Seriously. Why would I kid you about that? It’s rated PG13 but I would bring Drew to it. There is a little violence..but we’re talking Elves and Trolls..please. There is a seen where they act drunk (that is hysterical) and Hellboy aka Red actually smokes a Cuban (cigar not a man). If you like XMen…then go see this. I laughed out loud and clapped at the end. Fun movie.
  • Wait for the dvd: X Files. I was SO disappointed, really. It was a good story but not great. There were some inside funnies..but not really. Blah..
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Did you watch Knocked Up?? Did it offend you? If it did then please don’t see this movie. If you liked Knocked Up and the 40 Year Old Virgin..same type of humor. Laughed Out Loud quite a few times.
  • The Bank Job. Oooooo this one was great. Takes place in London…Spies, cops, robbers..quite good!!
  • 88 Minutes : I feel asleep..guess I’ll have to try that again at another time.
  • I’m reading The Eight right now by Katherine Neville. It’s REALLY good. OK..there is a link to that one since it’s an older book. Go read it.
  • OH.. do you read Waiter Rant? His book came out and he was on the Today Show. (link on my blogroll)

I’m going home tonight w/ my husband, 2 cats and dog. I still won’t have a working shower, but that is OK. I hope my DVR in my bedroom has been recording The Closer and Saving Grace…I’ve been missing them.

If you read, make sure to pick up The Year of Fog


Wow…I can’t put this book down! I had to stop and write a little review and I’m not even finished with the book.

Even though I was in the middle of a book and my eyes are hurting I couldn’t put the book down. I started it yesterday when we were at Dave and Busters w/ Drew. I got home and read until American Idol.. (Syesha was robbed) and then I read until I went to bed. Well I’ll take that back, I read until J said, “You know you are going to be really crabby and tired if you don’t get to bed.

I was SO into this book I didn’t even watch Criminal Minds and CSI NY last night.
I brought the book to work today and plan on reading at lunch..and I usually don’t take lunch.

Here is what happens in the first 2 pages..and you will see this if you click the link. Abby is going to get married to Jake. Jake has a 6 year old daughter Emma. Emma’s mom is totally out of the picture. Jake goes of on a guys weekend and Emma and Abby are at the beach in San Francisco..searching for sand dollars and taking pictures. In a matter of minutes Emma just disappears into the fog. She isn’t anywhere to be found. You feel what Emma is feeling, she’s scared, angry and sad. I highly recommend this. $12 at Target and it’s marked for the 20% off book club right now.

MP Book Review


I just finished Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell.

This book is well written and disturbing. The writing flows and is almost more like literature than a “book” know what I mean?
Disturbing because people like the characters really do our world, my home state. It’s scary.

Follow Ree (not the Pioneer Woman) as she searches to find her daddy. She is 16 but the only responsible person in her family. This book is about a strong girl/woman, drug use, violence, mental illness, lack of education and tradition.

The author is originally from the Ozarks, where this story takes place.

It’s a relatively fast read. Not easy chic lit. I highly recommend.