Just another day..


I think of blogging all the time, just never do it. Not sure why. My boyfriend has a blog.. AND a novella. http://www.famousboot.com/futon/

I am now staying in my parents house, dad is in a nursing home,  his health is great but he’s tarting to be very forgetful.

I am going to a funeral today for a girl my age. Ends up she’s been battling cancer for the last six years, I didn’t know.. but I’m going to the funeral.. she was never a good friend of mine but for quite a few years I spent social time with her.

My gyno doesn’t think I should have stopped.. which I’ve stopped for almost 2 years.. so now I have to go do blood-work. …I HATE giving blood. I tend to pass out.

I think I’m doing OK.. not spectacular.. but without my Craig  I think I’d be a wreck.. I’m in love with him.. who knew.. I was looking for dates on a Friday and ended up with my love..

I hope I can continue this habit.. I think I have lots to say.. maybe I should try once a week at least..


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