OK.. 27 hours and counting. I don’t have enough shit going on in my life, so let’s quit smoking.

There are many reasons why.. I’ll bullet point them.

  • When I started smoking again last July it was supposed to be temporary. I did it as a rebellion. Life was SO out of control, choosing to smoke again was something that I controlled. Yeah, that shit backfired.
  • It is bad for you.
  • It makes all your shit smell.. hair, clothes, breath, car, purse, etc.
  • It rules your day. It makes it so that you can’t do anything without thinking of where and when you can smoke.
  • My guy doesn’t smoke.. so whenever we are out, I have to leave him and waste precious time smoking. 

I have been talking about quitting, and July was my goal.. but we have a concert coming up, I would be the only non smoker. We’re talking about a day car trip.. I don’t want to smoke.. I’m finished.. done.. kaput..  I forgot it was hard though. I can do this..



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  1. You can do it!

    I started back 5 months after Emma was born. Worst thing I could have ever done. How do you quit for 14 months and then start back. I blame it on drinking. It’s hard to be a previous smoker and have a few drinks and not crave one. I just went and got a prescription for Chantix though. I’m having a hard to starting the medicine. I know I have to though.

    • I just have so much going on .. and smoking is starting to really get in the way. It would be different if I were surrounded by smokers.. but I’m not.. GOOD LUCK to you.. I’m sure you can do it too!! The drinking is going to be a whole different issue.. I’m sure the first cocktail I have it will be difficult.

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