Blogging VS Facebook


I really think that there is a place for both. I can’t see posting my thoughts and feelings to 600+ people.. friends, family, classmates.. but I can here.. to the world. You think that would be odd but it’s not. Here.. you have to make a conscious decision to click and read my blog.. a Facebook post shows up in your stream, you almost have to see it.

For me Facebook is about being entertained.. either with news or comedy. I don’t want to hear about your boil or how stupid your sister-in-law is. I want to know celebrity gossip, see cute little someecards, play my games, see your pictures.. If I want to know your struggles.. fears.. or learn about your life then I will read your blog or have a private conversation with you.

I now have a little room in my life for my blog again, and that feels good.



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