You know how people say. (well at least my friends do).. “take it slow”.. well I am never one to listen.
Went out with C last night after talking for a couple weeks.. I have to admit that I was a little nervous at first, but after 30 minutes or so I was settled in. Comfortable.. probably to a fault, I probably had 1 drink too many and rambled on and talked a little too much but he didn’t complain. It went well enough that we’re going to the movies tonight.

I know that I shouldn’t rush things but that’s my nature. I like him I want to be with him so why shouldn’t we go out 2 days in a row? Is there really a rule book? I don’t think it’s me being needy or anything.. if I had to say anything it’s me being selfish. I don’t know really.
I guess I stopped living for so long I don’t want to waste time, maybe that is it.


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