You Might Think I’m Crazy


It’s either feast or famine, at least that is how it appears in my head. In reality I’m sure it’s me procrastinating things then finally getting up the courage or gumption to just get things done.

I am getting things done. The divorce is on track and out of my hands. I have nothing to do now but wait, signs some papers and worry until it’s over.

The house sale is starting to have a mind of it’s own. The sign is in front of the house, three people are interested and I now need to get the guy that is in there.. OUT. He owes me money and has shit all over the place.

I’m interviewing caregivers today for the Thursday position so I can get back to “normal” at work.

Those three things could have been taken care of earlier… they really should have, but I had excuses or reasons why they couldn’t. Sometimes I just don’t like to deal with shit. I don’t know why, it’s like I’m punishing myself.

I think things are turning around because I did not totally procrastinate getting a life. I put my profile out there right when J finally moved out of the house. Next up.. getting in shape and quitting smoking.. AGAIN..




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  1. wow sweetie….{{HUGS}} and btw I’m still smoking and I’m fat! Just started to watch the diet a bit more. You sound like you are doing well (despite all of the stuff you’ve been going through!!)…you did the grieving thing and now you’ll do the healing thing!

    • Doing much better 🙂 This last year has been a bit of a roller coaster.. the divorce, the house.. and mom and dad.. now it’s a little bit more about ME. 🙂 and thanks

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