It’s all about the timing.


Too Much Time On My Hands

As I mentioned, I’m ready to date.. I figure it’s time. The soon to be ex had a girlfriend a year ago.. I’m just now making the time to explore what is out there. I figured out that if I didn’t just DO something I’d get stuck in a rut.. a comfortable one, yet a rut.

I’ve never been a dater. I can count the number of real “dates” on 2 hands. I don’t know what the rules are.. what you do, what to say, for me dating is just going out with a friend, that you might be interested in right?

Internet dating is totally different. You are allowing yourself time to have conversations first.. “here”.. in keyboard and monitor land. Where it’s all nice and comfy and not scary. No need to worry if you shaved your legs or look too fat in this outfit. It’s all about expressing yourself with words and letting your personality shine first, not your winning smile.

There have been men that have sent me messages that I didn’t bother to even reply. “wanna fuk?” is not going to get my attention, nor on the other end of the spectrum “looking for a serious relationship that can as well lead to marriage, I know you might not want to rush things but I don’t mind keeping it slow and steady .. So yeah I checked your profile basically cause you’ve got loads of stuff that entice me and I am willing to kick start something with you. ”

I have only had real conversations with a couple people. The first person I went out with was great. I don’t think there was anything “there”.. but I’m glad he was the first person I went on a date with, I felt very comfortable, he was very attentive and someone I could be friends with.. but he had major issues and a young child and WOW.. I don’t think he was in the right time of his life to date.

I talked to another guy who was uber religious. Yeah.. I wasn’t going to touch that. Mass in Latin and evangelizing isn’t my idea of fun right now. I just want to go to dinner, bar or hear some music!

If I did everything in my life that I needed to do I wouldn’t have time.. but I figure I need to make time to enjoy life. I can’t put myself on hold. That isn’t an option.

I don’t want to have a bunch of first dates. I hope I can find someone that I enjoy being with. I’d rather find someone that I can do things with and be friends with and of course enjoy extra special times as well. Of course I’d like to fall in love but I’m not going out with huge expectations only to get my heart mushed. It’s about the timing, and now is the time to begin the rest of my life.


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