I’m alive…..


Cake – Long Time

For a few reasons I’ve been thinking about my sad little blog for a while.

I decided to finally start moving on with my life, you know and getting a life.. so I created an online profile on a dating website. I went out on one date…got that out of the way, and it was very nice. Recently I was talking to a guy who is a writer and had some on line stuff that is REALLY good.. a novella, which I will find out soon how much was fiction and non fiction. ANYWAY.. I realized now if you google me you can eventually find my blog. SO.. I  realized that someone was actually reading my blog before meeting me.. so I checked it out again…

WOW.. I have been SO depressing. I look like one of those miserable girls. I’m lucky this guy still wants to go out with me. (first date this weekend which could either be a date or a non date get together.. guess we’ll have to see)..

So.. attorney taken care of.. she’s working on that paperwork

Real Estate Agent contacted.. old house will be listed soon!

Mom and Dad are still the elder bunnies.. that is really the only difficult part of life and I keep telling myself. “this isn’t forever, this isn’t forever”.. and I keep on trucking.

I’ve gotten together with Drew a few times, he’s getting SO mature. He’s awesome.

Went to the baseball game with the ex-inlaws.. I think just cause I’m fucking awesome.

Now I just need to get that exercise regiment back in place…


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  1. OK, you’re moving forward with your life. This is good. Since this is my first visit to your blog I am a bit in the dark but I am assuming that if you have called an attorney and a real estate agent it sounds like you are in the midst of a divorce. Yes? No? None of my business?

    As for your elder bunnies, your “This isn’t forever; This isn’t forever” mantra won’t really work. The trouble is that this IS forever. At least it will seem like it. Trust me on this. But enough of that — I don’t want to encourage depressing thoughts.

    Start blogging about your dates, will you please? Because some of us haven’t dated in… like, 40 years. Seriously, I wouldn’t know how to act on a date. Besides, my husband would object and get all snotty and shit. But dating is a whole unexplored universe out there for some of us. So take us on your adventure, will you please?

    Wamest aloha,

    Kay in Hawaii
    aka Biz Bitch (http://BizBitchblog.blogspot.com)

    • Welcome Kay!
      Yes.. getting divorced, selling my house, moving in with my elderly parents and getting out there meeting new people. I promise to fill you in with some interesting things that happen as I’m moving on .. and up!

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