Ooo look.. I still have a blog!


I read blogs every once in a while still.. mainly live on FB, little twitter.. and ALOT just stuck in real life. It’s been a year now since I’ve been living at my parents house. They are both still there although dad is teetering very close to having to go into a nursing home. Big requirement to staying home is him being able to stand, pivot and move from one place to another.

Soon to be X is still living in the basement. It has occasionally gone from horrible, to OK.. it’s going to go on for a couple more months. Long story..

I wish that I had that moneytree in the back yard, it would solve lots of issues going on right now. I’m still stuck with the other house, but am going to do a short sale. Still saving up for the attorney fee for the divorce.

I got fatter again and am smoking.. occasionally I drink to much. I sleep on a pull out sofa.

I totally hang with my friends at least once a week.. I LOVE them..

I do want to blog more. Maybe I will.. maybe not..



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