Have I got drama for you!? Yet I’m feeling REALLY good. Let’s work with bullet points why don’t we!? I think it’s too difficult to actually create an accurate time line.. so just go with me..

  • Soon to be ex-husband is still living in my parents house still. He wants to play this until January. I am TRYING to play along and just “use” him.. but OMG I want him gone.
  • The new girlfriend has changed her FB status to “in a relationship” with a “anniversary date” of at lest a month before I knew.
  • The bank has decided to modify my loan! I found a friend who actually needed help and is renting my place.. it doesn’t pay the full mortgage but it may help to hold on to it until the market changes.
  • I’m meeting with a divorce attorney tomorrow.
  • My parents car was stolen and recovered. The police taught me how to start a car with a screwdriver.
  • I am getting together with my friends which is nice.
  • We are gathering people to play bocce again once a week.
  • I am getting ME back.. and smiling.
  • I started smoking again.. so sue me.. I’ll quit again.
  • I have told my work place about the divorce and how I’ll end up having to take care of my parents some days. They are willing to give me a home office when needed.
  • I was getting the gas turned back on in my house for the new tenant/friend…ended up they couldn’t do it because there is a freaking gas leak.
SO.. is that enough drama for you? It is for me.. Yet I feel so alive and for the most part good.. crying has stopped.. not much regret.. I get to sleep in a real bed this Saturday. J is staying w/ my parents and I’m spending the night at a friends house.  We still need to tell our families.. and my awesome 12 year old stepson. SO.. not over by a longshot.. but it’s moving right along.
And yes.. I have every intention of getting back to blogging yet I still don’t have a new routine.. and I’m still not reading blogs like I should.. but I will.. right now it’s still just a bit about me.

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