My hunt for a Man..


Yeah… I know I’m not supposed to be looking for a man, but I am. I was having a conversation with a friend and I said that I don’t remember what my “type” is anymore. You meet a man and he’s charming and funny then all of a sudden he seems much more attractive.  I tend to wear “personality goggles”. So.. everywhere I go I am checking out men, wondering if I’m attracted to them before they open their mouth. What am I attracted to???

Bradley Cooper.

Yumm.. I mean seriously. You have a talented, funny actor..who can play good guys, bad guys, romantic comedy…drama. He’s the entire package, and he is not bad on the eyes. HOT..


Isn't he hot?

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony and MP

Yes, that IS me with him

I love his hair, his humor, his laugh. I could listen to him for 12 hours a day…. which I think I have before.. Thanks Travel Channel.

This does not really answer the question. These are men that are “famous” and I love their personalities.

I haven’t really looked at men for almost a dozen years. What do I think is hot?


I like the style

A man with a guitar.. Elvis Costello. I like the glasses, the hair.. the funky quirkiness. I’ve liked guys that remind me of him. Converse High Tops, a 1940’s style hat and a scarf.. Love it.

Dean Butler

Dean Butler

You remember him as Manly on Little House On The PrairieI have always loved a red head. Dean Butler was one of my first crushes. Red hair, blue eyes. I was going to post a picture of Prince Harry but then I couldn't remember if he was legal or not.

Mmmm now our young Shia…


Don't you wish that was your number on his wrist?

I suppose I have always been attracted to bad boys. I was usually too smart for them …. I love the geeks, and I love the bad boys and Shia is the perfect combo.

I think that is it, I love dorks.. geeks.. especially with an edge of sexy, not too buff.

How about Brendan Hines. You ever watch Lie to Me? He needs glasses.  He’d be hotter if he had a receding hairline.

The Guy From Lie to Me

Geek Chic

Ok, I think I kind of defined what I find attractive. Now this isn’t all the time.  This is now. This is 44 year old me. Don’t get me wrong, Sean Connery is hot, Will Smith is hot,  Chris O’Donnell is hot; but I don’t gravitate toward their types. I’m not into old guys, black guys or boy next door sexy.

One last note, turn off the safe search, go to bing images and type in “hot geeks”.. I got distracted for a bit…geeze.

Thank you for going through this journey with me this afternoon 😉

So…married, single..whatever. Do you have a type? I have defined mine as Sexy Geek.. I think.


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  1. Great pic w/ Anthony Bourdain! If I had that picture, I would imagine him taking me out to great restaurants all the time and use it as a justification to not cook. I already don’t cook, but it would be better with his picture. Oh, and my type is funny. Just funny. My husband is the funniest man I know. Also smart. I dated a super-hot, not-smart, not-funny guy once, very briefly. Discovered I have a prejudice against not smart.

    • I agree.. 100%.. Funny / sense of humor is #1 always.. #2 is a brain.. #3 maybe respectful and compassionate .. but what I was digging for in-myself.. is what “type” do I look twice at going down the street or in the grocery store.. what type would have me interested in them even opening their mouth to see if they were funny. Been there done that w/ the hot guys.. they are usually assholes.

    • OMG .. Justin Beiber.. PAAHHHLEEZE>. that kid makes me cringe.. he actually looks more like a lesbian than anything.. not that there is anything wrong with that. ..

      Rich is good 🙂

  2. I’ve been married for 20 years, so my type is my husband. The problem is, he’s way hotter than me. He always has been, but he’s aged soooo much better than I have. So, now, after 20 years….when we are out together I have to indure the ‘is that his sister?’ looks. Fortunately though, my husband is also stupid and doesn’t nothice he’s hotter than me.

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