Spring Cleaning My Life


Well.. I got off my ass finally and got some things done. Had the conversation with the caregivers.. said things need to change, I’m going to be more involved in running my parents house. I don’t know why this has been so freaking scary for me, but it has been. I guess it’s huge.. well I know it’s a huge ass deal. I feel SO relieved I made that step.. I knew I would be. Procrastination? I’m not sure. The break I wanted wasn’t much of one since it was surrounded in guilt.

My friend I mentioned, I’m working on forgiveness.. not sure how that relationship will continue yet but at least I’m working on it in my heart.

I suppose I’m kind of doing a Spring Cleaning in my life.. It totally fits with the NoMoreExcuses..

It is difficult, like with Katrina, Haiti.. and now Japan.. it’s difficult watching what is going on in the world and still try to continue a daily life.. those people don’t have a choice, they are stuck taking help where they can, not able to mourn the loss of loved once as they struggle to survive themselves. I can’t feel guilty for not being a part of that though. I need to wish them well in my heart and hope they feel some peace. Who am I kidding, it has to just suck.. Ugg…I almost want to avoid the news.

Well I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I have things to do both in my life.. my heart.. my parents.. work.. etc. My husband hit a pick 4 in the lottery and is taking those winnings to start a small investment. I’m glad he’s able to do that.

In totally unrelated news: We saw Battlefield Los Angeles today.. I don’t think I breathed for 2 hours.. Fun action/war movie.. I highly recommended if you like that sort of movie.




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  1. It’s good that you had that talk with the caregivers. I hope that helped give you a better feeling of control. Good luck with the rest of your Spring Cleaning.

  2. Spring cleaning is always a lot of effort and work, but so worth it. Especially the mental spring cleaning.

    I’ve stopped watching all but a few minutes of the news in the morning. It’s too much.

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