Reading Blogs


I started reading blogs again. Not always commenting but I’m reading them. I’m not only reading the “old blogs” but reading fresh pressed and clicking links.

I am promising myself I wont’ get caught up in the blog world like last time. It’s about my personal journal, things I need to say, want to say or share. If someone else is reading it.. than great. If not I won’t die.

I read this post today and fell in love with it. I am a reader..


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  1. Hello, I am Jackie and hope to become your friend. I am in the wordpress challenge as well. I Love to read and share what I know.

  2. Too funny. I find myself reading blogs frequently. I enjoy the varied points of view and often find “gems” that I share with my tutors, clients, friends and of course family. But you’re correct… blogging shouldn’t run your life. Enjoy and keep blogging. EB

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