Chipping away..


I don’t have a “plan”..and I normally work with one. The problem is I’m trying to move forward with my husband who isn’t good with plans.. making them, following through with them or following someone else’s.

It was his idea to move in with my parents. My mom was against it, she thought though that J could just help out..but he can’t. We need to have 2 incomes.. duh. She has now decided that we can move in. SO.. what is next. Well. I have to treat my husband like this is his idea, if it’s mine he doesn’t tend to go with it.. although he thinks I get my way all the time anyway.

There are a billion things now that need to happen and I would like to be able to go over everything with him. I don’t know if it’s him being a guy and all or what but he zones out after I bring up the 2nd point..

I have told him and I will do it again, that he doesn’t need to do this. He can walk away, I’m not sure why he is volunteering for this. I’ve asked him. I’ve gotten lots of answers about how he’s doing this for me.. but I am not quite sure why. Does he feel out of loyalty, that he owes me..I am sure it’s not because he’s madly in love with me.. I suppose that is long gone. Right now it’s more duty I suppose. I guess we’ll see how this all plays out.

This whole thing is totally chipping away.. but I feel like I’m licking the tip of an iceberg or something.. if you know what I mean. I know that the big picture is scary….and that I need to just do this in small steps.. I feel that I made a baby step forward this weekend, I just hope I’m still going in the right direction.


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