Fate, Destiny or Chance…


Why do things happen the way they do? This afternoon we went to see the new Matt Damon movie, The Adjustment Bureau. That movie really touches on that concept.. completely. Is someone really watching us? Is there a plan? Do we have a path laid out for us already? Have we done anything to throw it off? Has someone on something inched us toward one way or another? In the movie David is in the midst of an election.. that isn’t going swell, he’s too young. Then he meets Elise. They aren’t meant to be together, or are they? The movie is very good, it has drama, romance and fantasy. I really enjoyed it. I won’t fill in the details and spoil it.

The whole movie though has me thinking. I think back to the day the car went flying over me on the highway. The girl ended up dying years later from her injuries. Jeremy always said, “If I hadn’t been running late I could have been that girl”…if we didn’t have to stop for gas we would have been in the middle of the traffic jam.. different little things. The ultimate also was about being adopted. If I hadn’t been given up would I be ME.. where would I be, would I still be the same in my head? In my heart? Nature.. nurture and all that jazz.

What if I fought her for him.. didn’t let her get him.. what would have happened. What if I returned his letter.. What if I hadn’t caught him lying yet again.. how could this have changed the outcome. Regrets? No, not really.. just wondering. Am I living the life destined to me? Have I excepted everything as fate? Do I take enough risk? Do I ever just stand up for myself and say ENOUGH.. This really is about “nomoreexcuses”. There have been too many times I have rolled over and figured, this is the hand that was dealt to me.. just except it, deal with it and move on. Not anymore. I don’t have to deal with the bullshit. I’ve cleaned out some of those people out of my life. I think it’s time to continue doing that…of course that is a scary scary thing, unlike the movies you can’t always count on the storybook ending. Maybe that is how it’s supposed to be though. Fate, Destiny, Chance.. does it really matter?


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  1. Adjustment Bureau did about 21million this weekend. That’s pretty good. I would have thought it would have done a little better, but hopefully it will have good word of mouth.

  2. Great post and i feel your questions. I think we all have a grand purpose during our time here, but maybe the path is up to us. or chance. (I have a dog named Chance, and one named Kismet, and I had a dog named Karma.)
    having turned 50 recently, my purpose has become obvious to me. I am here to bring others together, to reconnect to my past and forgive myself the weakness that i perceived. i have done this through facebook and have found that i am very good at it.
    and i am going to see that movie soon!

    • That was me..I was quite the bringer together of people.. most are still friends or married or doing business together. I used to be very good at it.

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