I needed sleep.. the good kind, the kind when you wake up you don’t even care what time it is, you just roll over and sleep. Things have been weighing on my mind and I haven’t slept in a while. Last night I went to bed at 8:30pm and slept until 10:00am today. I called in sick knowing that the aches and pain and anxiety were worthy of a sick day. I feel much better tonight.

We picked up Drew and took him to see Rango, then dropped him off at a birthday party. There is a major storm brewing, classic spring thunderstorm. I was so thankful I wasn’t driving. The storm was beautiful though, pounding rain, loud thunder, brilliant lightening. The kind I prefer to watch from the inside of my house. Instead we were down near the Missouri River, watching the rain rush down the streets toward the river  at a quick pace. I was confident that we weren’t in any danger of being swept away. I didn’t like that we were leaving Drew in the midst of a tornado warning. The smart ass dad in charge of the party, which was at a school gymnasium…pointed to the stairwell informing me that is where they would go if the sirens go off.. and to dig there.

Now I have an hour or so to chill before driving back to pick him up.

I took care of myself today getting much needed rest and I also talked to my mom again.. and my husband.. telling the two of them that they will need to compromise if we are to eventually move in there. We’ll see how this is going to go.


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