Taking Back My Life


So for the longest time I feel like I’m doing something for someone else.. ALL THE TIME. Either my parents or my husband or my friend or co-workers. I want to take back my life.. kind of like when I was in my 30’s… except now I’m smarter and have more life experience and know the difference between what is good and bad for me.

No More Excuses: For me this journey for the month of March is not only going to be not worrying, taking back my life.. but figuring out and declaring what I want changed is part of the whole thing. I think I’ve shut down a bit to much in the last couple years, lost myself in others expectations.

In doing this I’m going to have to let things roll off my back. I’m going to need to not take everything so personally. Not cave in just to make people happy.

I’ll detail as I feel necessary.. my blog and all..

Step one is taking care of myself. I am going to continue getting my nails done.. it makes me feel good. I’m going to TRY to cut back on the french fries…because they aren’t good for me.. not because of what anyone else says. I am going to start moving more. Swimsuit season is just around the corner again.

I want to laugh at least once a day.. and not by something I saw on TV or read on the internet. I want to surround myself with people that make me feel good.

I’m not going to set crazy expectations on myself. If I blog every day…great.. if not.. great..

I am really feeling good about this. 🙂



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  1. You definitely have to take care of yourself first. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to give others 100% of you. 🙂 I love the journey you’re about to embark upon!!

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