Letters to myself.. .the one about grade school.


I’ve decided to touch a bunch of topics over the next few weeks.. and write what I would tell my younger self, if I had the chance.

Dear MP the 10 year old,

Try.. try everything. Get Shari to explain the rules of basketball to you. Practice your free throws. Everytime you hear her bouncing the ball turn off the TV and run outside and ask her if you can play.

Practice.. practice.. RUN! You will not be able to run at ALL by the time you are in high school. You almost make the volleyball team in high school, coach was almost in tears when she cut you. You were SO close. If you only run more. Jump! Run! Turn off the Bing Crosby , Bob Hope, Abbott and Costello, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis.. etc movies and get out and play. STAY active. You watch entirely too much TV. You should exercise, read and study. Do some actual studying or homework. I understand it comes easy but all those B’s could have been A’s if you wanted them to.

Boys.. Just stop. You need to quit being so freaking boy crazy. You will end up making a fool of yourself. Yes I know that one boy has always been on your list.  He’s going to knock up his high school sweetheart. You will NEVER kiss him. Move on. Don’t set your sites on the other one either, he’s gay. He just doesn’t know it yet.  Be nice to the boys though, many of them will be great friends your entire life. You don’t have to kiss them all.

Learn how to clean. Clean your room, clean the floor, do the laundry. Learn how to cook!! You will love to cook when you get older.. and you still won’t know how to clean. When Daddy asks you to go bike riding with him, NEVER say no.. GO GO GO.  When Mommy asks you to play the piano with her while she plays the organ.. DO IT.

Love 44 year old MP


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