…as millions of tiny violins play


I interrupt this blog to complain.. “what is it this time cry baby??”.you ask..
I hit my freaking head.. I have a red line where I ripped skin off my head.. it’s right alone that lovely hair line. You know.. the one that has about 3″ of regrowth.. a nice silvery/dirtyblond color. I was GOING to do the color in a box.. trying to save money.. now with this wound I think it would KILL to put chemicals on my head.
How did I do this you ask? This was while I was in the pouring ICE COLD rain getting purses and my mom’s cane out of the back seat. I had my hood up and it fucked up my perifrial vision or depth perception more than normal. (search aides pupil on this site and you will hear my whole eyeball story). I am thinking about putting ice on it but it’s a couple hours old.. the injury.
I have a band aid on my thumb.. while getting the wheelchair out of the trunk I ripped an entire section of skin off the top of my thumb. This too while being in the freezing ICE COLD pouring down rain.
I am like a walking time bomb..
I feel much better.. and the only people reading this are people that actually are curious as to what might be in my brain. My facebook friends would be thanking me.. if they knew I was blogging.


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