American Idol you have redeemed yourself!


I had just about given up on Idol. Last year pretty much sucked… the year before that really. This year it’s like a brand new show. Yes, yes, I know. .there ARE two new judges. I like them, I really do. It’s so nice to see a woman who can articulate and give constructive critisim. I feel as though Idol said, “Enough of the bullshit!, lets produce and run a singing compition!!”  Yes of course there was drama and I wasted 8 minutes of my life last night watching that Mackenzie Philip look alike get married in her idol.. Britney Spears wedding chapple.. her hero???? Paaaaleeeeze.

I still have not invested my time into learning anyone’s name or back story. Right now I really don’t care. Sure, I cried when JLo broke down.. but I don’t know about why that guys wife is in a wheel chair or anything.  I really think this is the way to watch it.Skip the BS and start in Hollywood week.  FF through Ryan Seacrest.

I don’t think they can go wrong with the top 24. I do hope that the young boy with the long hair and beautiful eyes comes back next year, he was good.. and I agree that he wasn’t ready yet.

Can’t wait for the real show to begin.





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