Blogging.. Old School


I decided I have been venting a bit and wanted to do some old school blogging.. you know, a meme.

I looked at some of my old meme’s and saw that date I first tagged my friend Nancy.. 9/2008. I just found her blog, now I play games with her.. and her son on Facebook..

Anyway.. I didn’t want to do a meme that I already did.. so I thought I’d search WordPress.. look at blogs that recently did a meme. You know what.. ?? No one is doing them! I am finding French stuff.. and words that have an meme in them.. and some chick that did a Prince meme. No good old meme’s.

The one meme that I found had unspectacular things about me.. where I mentioned, (in 2008) that I use Tide to wash my clothes, Secret under my arms and Crest tooth paste.. and I have to tell you, I have not been faithful to Crest. I am using some whitening thing. I have been drinking more coffee I suppose and need to make sure those pearly white’s are pearly.

Well.. random things about me. at 44.
In bullets.. cause they are cool and old school and allow me to not create complete sentences.


  • I am totally into genealogy. I have yet to figure out my biological family (that is a whole other ball of wax)  but have been having loads of fun doing my mom and dad’s family, especially my mom’s. Traced all the way back to Pocahontas. I am using and I LOVE it!
  • My taste in music has changed a bit. I am really into the singer songwriters. I guess I always was but now I’m a huge Ben Folds fan as well as She and Him. I guess I like that Folk Sound.  On the other hand I have totally been digging Eminim.( I feel like Tevah in Fiddler On The Roof) and on the other hand I still like my rock.. Pink.. and my Pop .. Katy Perry.
  • I am getting my nails done.. have for a month now. I can’t afford it, but it makes me feel good. I am having them use the OPI gel polish and I love it. I feel girly and I am not biting them. I love having polish that doesn’t chip that is NOT an overlay.
  • I have abandoned the smell and texture of a book.. and I now have a Nook. I have an extensive list on and feel very geeky and that I have somehow sold out by getting an eReader, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  • I have not been taking pictures.. at all. I loved it so much and I don’t know what happened.. well I kinda do but I’m not in the over-sharing mood. I miss it.  I may pick it up again soonish.

So.. are there any old school bloggers still doing things like meme’s and tagging and stuff? If you know let me know.. although I think only three of you have read my blog since the incarnation 😉


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  1. My grandfather was really into genealogy too, tracing our family back to 990 AD. I find it fascinating and wonder what he could have done if the Internet had been available when he did his research.

    I’ve been having my nails done a lot recently. I have big man-hands and having a nice manicure at least makes them pretty.

    I’ve noticed a dearth of memes lately too, with only new bloggers doing them. I kinds miss them, but after filling out my share of them, there’s nothing left to tell about myself.

    You really should start up your photography again. It is what keeps me sane.

    • 990, HOLY COW.. that is far back ,and he did that w/out the internet. Now THAT is alot of work.. and yes mam.. I will pick up the camera again.

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