Rant of the care-giver daugther to hired help


This is an email I just sent to the company that is caring for my parents.. 24 hours a day.. I had to put my work phone on DND.. wipe away the tears.. and type..
My mother knows how to push my buttons, I am sure you know that. She just called and I’m about in tears.. I hate to seem selfish but the reason that we are doing this is so that I can have a life as well as having care for my parents. All of a sudden now my evening plans of meeting my friend at the Y then watching a movie with Jeremy are out the window. She called demanding that I find her coat and her clothes to wear on Thursday and said that on Sunday all the clothes she normally wears are gone in the basement and we can’t wait. Then she is saying that her leg being wrapped is on day 2.. Right now I am not wrapping her legs, it grosses me out and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. She’s yelling at me to get over there and do that, then she said that my dad is having a fit because he wants a shave and I don’t know how to shave a man.. and she’s saying that xxx caregiver doesn’t know how to do it either. So now selfishly I’m pounding my feet because I don’t feel like being flexible.. I don’t want to go there I told them last night I had things i was doing tonight.. I know I’m being unrealistic, selfish and quite a baby about all of this but… maybe I’m wrong. Am I supposed to shave him? I don’t have the stuff in front of me.. maybe I need to get Jeremy to do it?
And then.. I asked her if the mail came yet.. and she says “I’ll call your aunt across the street to see”.. I said, “MOM.. you have someone in the house, ask them if the mailman came”.. she said, “Aunt Norma likes to tell me things like that”.. it’s so stupid it’s not even funny.
I know when she isn’t your mother it’s different but she is driving me crazy. SOON I’m going to figure out a weekend and just stay at a motel 6 in wentzville if I have to just to get away for a day..
I guess part of this entire rant is to get an explanation of what my part is.. I volunteered to grocery shop once a week.. and fix dad’s meds. I want to be able to limit visits to at every other day.. She’s playing it so I can’t have a day off..
What are you thoughts.. spoiled brat? selfish? you can give me the readers digest abridged answer.. I’m afraid if i talk on the phone i’ll start crying again..


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