The Amazing Race: “Second chances don’t come free!” (via White Ink Drops)


I couldn’t have said it better myself. Here is an awesome recap of last night’s Amazing Race.
I did not care for them sharing the answers to the flag puzzle.. come on people..

Who the hell doesn’t know that Quantas is the airline that you use to fly to Australia?? Uggg.. things like that drive me nuts. Drew said, “I didn’t know”.. I said, “dude, you are 11, you get a pass”.

I would have LOVED to have dove in the tank with the sharks, how cool was that??

Cowboys.. 😦 They are really going to have to step up their game…big time. Also not as many funny one liners last night.. only caught one.

The Amazing Race: "Second chances don't come free!" The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business premiered on the 20th. Last night. And I want to say right now that I loved the episode. I actually was so excited the entire time I couldn’t really take notes. So a word of warning: I may get all over the place in this post. 😀 Anyway, the returning teams all aligned at the Starting Line and Phil revealed the Express Pass is also returning this season. And there’s also a new twist. “Second chances don’t come … Read More

via White Ink Drops


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  1. Thank you for the re-post!

    And I agree; that Roadblock was awesome! I’ve read somewhere they’re going to be having more difficult and demanding challenges this season, due to the return of the veteran teams. I think it’s going to be an awesome season! 😀

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