Yes.. I’m happy it’s Monday. I am happy to be sitting at my desk with my feet up on my monitor.. drinking water and eating triskets while I play on the computer and answer very very few phone calls. (thanks dead presidents).

The good and bad are going on.

Dad is home
Dad is home without incident
Dad is moved back into his room
Mom and Dad are pleasant to one another
Mom and Dad seem to like the people caring for them

Mom found dad wandering in the house at 2:30 AM
The baby monitors didn’t work and the caregiver slept through them calling out to her
There are still things to do .. my work is NOT done

I was able to come home last night from Drew’s basketball game at 8pm and put on my jammies. I was able to sit and watch The Amazing Race, eat a chicken salad sandwich.. watch a show on my DVR and go to bed. I did NOT have to go help my mom get ready for bed or let the dog out or take out the trash.. first time in close to a year.

I did something to my toe next to my pinky toe on my left foot and I’m walking like a gimp.. and I think I ate some bad lettuce yesterday. (tmi i know.. but we’re all besties here aren’t we?)


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