Things I enjoy and that make me happy..


I have been a real poopy head lately. Feeling sorry for myself, not taking care of myself.. in a REAL funk. I have been a bit negative. I decided to post about things I selfishly enjoy…and in doing so get to use my favorite bullet points.

  • Getting my nails done. Fingers AND Toes.. with the wonderful hand and leg massages that come with it.
  • Reading.. I love my Nook!
  • TV.. which we have already talked about.
  • Movies.. at the theater with popcorn/peanut M&M’s
  • Sleeping
  • The water.. in the pool, hot tub, bathtub, shower, ocean, lake, creek, rain.. you name it. I like water.. I also enjoy drinking it.
  • Massage.. mostly receiving.. but giving also
  • Music.. all kinds.. almost.. I listen all day long at work. Last FM now.. if anyone else is on I’m marypat66, be my friend I don’t have many.
  • Animals.. dogs, cats, turtles, birds.. I like going to the zoo or meeting your pet.
  • Taking pictures
  • Geneology
  • Playing on the computer
  • Learning things about things I’m interested in. .
  • Driving, sometimes being a passenger.
  • Games..Online, Board Games, Trivia Night.. I love games!!
  • Food.. cooking it or eating it
  • Walking.. mainly outside..but I don’t mind the treadmill
  • laughing.. I love when I’m so happy or something is so funny that I laugh.. and I love making others laugh.. laughing with someone is the best
  • Traveling, especially seeing something new
  • The weather.. thunderstorms, snowfall, wind.. lightening, thunder.. predicting and following jet streams
  • Fire.. grilling on the fire, fireplace, fire pit, bonfire..
  • coffee.. LOVE a good cup o’ joe
  • goood cocktail.. that first cold beer, salty margarita, smooth glass of wine, extra dirty martini..and I’m not taking about getting wasted. .I’m talking about responsible adult beverage at the appropriate time.
  • the feeling of clarity.. when something makes 100% sense in your head
  • the feeling when you have no responsibilities other than your own happiness for a few hours
  • feeling loved, needed and respected

This by all means is not’s just a sampling of things I know I enjoy, and need to make sure that I do them more often.


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