Times they are a changing..


WOW.. Just clicking around things have really really changed. I started to go down my blogroll.. where did the people go? It seems like around 2008 everyone just quit. Do we blame facebook?

This is the time to blog though, it’s so easy and stylish and cute and stuff.. I realized reading old posts I’ve really missed it. I miss being me. I said last year that people on facebook.. old classmates and work friends, they don’t want to know that I peed my pants a little when I heard a loud clash of thunder.. but here I can write it and I don’t care. I’m not making anyone read this. If you do, fine.. if you don’t fine. Don’g get me wrong, I LURVE me some comments.. I used to be a great comment whore.. now I could really care less if I… who am I kidding? Of course I want readers, I’m just not going to mix my real life and my facebook life out in the open.

Today was a good day and a shitty day.

  • It was 70 degrees
  • The ICE is melting
  • I crossed off a few things that need to be done before dad can come home
  • Had a great discussion with a bff

Shitty Day

  • I had to work inside and didn’t enjoy any of the beautiful weather
  • I still have quite a few things to do for mom and dad and feel pulled in all directions, I’m having a difficult time delegating
  • I know I’m getting support and lots of people have asked what they can do but I am just not seeing how people can really help me
  • I fucking fell down my mom’s step in the garage and landed on my hip and arm and it hurts

Most of all I’m glad that I’m blogging again..putting my thoughts down through the keypad just really is helping, I should have been doing this months ago.


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  1. That’s why I changed up my space, it wasn’t fun anymore and I felt like I need to start over. I like what I’m doing now and if more readers find me – fabulous. If not, I still have a wonderful core group of friends that I can always count on.

    I’m glad you’re blogging again too. It can be very cathartic.

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