And Life Goes On..


Life never truly goes without thoughts of blogging. My good Catholic upbringing keeps the guilt.. knowing this is sitting here.. just hanging out waiting for me to type.. and then there is Facebook.. I’m friends with oodles of bloggers and still read some of the blogs now.. and then.. not very often but I do. I have lost touch with everything else.. like I just found out Bossy was getting divorced and I have no idea if Pioneer Woman ever opened a B&B.

My life goes on. Same job.. same house, same husband, same stepson.

Parents are getting super old.. 85 and 90 now. When I last left you we were going to Hawaii.. and I didn’t want to go. We went. We landed and I checked my phone.. my dad was in the ER… and it’s all been insane since then. Dad’s gone downhill.. the lastest ended up being a visit to the hospital and then the nursing home, he’s getting discharged this Sunday. Mom had had some home care.. they will now get 24 hour care in the home. But they will be together.. It’s insane really. Mom thinks that if she would have adopted another child I would be better off.. well it’s a little late for that. I’m 44 I dont’ think it’s time to get me that brother I always wanted.

I think I have gained back all the weight I lost last year. Oh and I stopped smoking… again. I am going to have to get back on the exercise wagon. Our YMCA is now awesome and one of my BFF’s moved back and wants to take Zumba with me, I went to one class. I realized I’m better off watching the purses.. but this isn’t a bar.. so I have to try. Hopefully my knees will hold up. I really should get back in the pool.

I’m going to download WordPress to my newest phone.. and see if I may not actually become a blogger again. I really miss it. I’m just not sure if I want to combine my blogging and facebook. I don’t think I will.
Do I cuss here? I cuss in real life and I don’t cuss on Facebook since I’m friends with ex teachers and priests and stuff.. Can I say fuck here? I forget.

OH.. and Survivor starts again. Mmmm Boston Rob.. (yes I know I’m bad)


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  1. Good to see you here again. Sorry about all the health issues with your parents. I hope the home care works for them.

    I closed my Facebook acct. and never did link it to my blog. There are still people I don’t want tracking me back to my blog. Where I drop the occasional f-bomb.

    I downloaded the WP app on my iPhone and it works really well.

    (formerly If Mom Says OK)

  2. Yes.. I was looking at my blogroll. I’m going to have to see who is even around anymore.. it will be interesting.

    Yes.. I know that there are blog friends.. who I’m facebook friends with that would never check here unless I told them too.. and I think i’m just going to keep it like this.

    I uploaded a picture from my phone to here.. but it hasn’t posted.. is there usually a delay or should it be instant?

  3. I logged into google reader and saw your blog lit up with TWO new posts. My heart sang 🙂

    SO glad to see you back here!

    Praying for you parents and that they enjoy this time they have with one another.

    I’m also extremely excited about Survivor! Woot Woot!

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