Signs that you are the worst blogger ever…


1. I have on the front page posts from almost a year ago.

2. See number one.

I don’t tweet anymore.. although I still do in my head occasionally..well alot.. but I don’t do it for real anymore.. I used to blog in my head…and I do sometimes.

I lost my password again, really.

It took Sarah.. and the Goonsquad to post on Facebook that she was giving away a Wii…for me to figure out my password so I could use my open ID.

So lets see what is new with me you ask? Or should I do what isn’t new?

  • Same job
  • Same house
  • Parents still driving me nuts
  • Still driving all over creation trying to keep up w/ the 4th graders sports

We’re going to Hawaii w/ my in laws in May. I’m not very excited about it, and I need to. I’ve never had any desire to go to Hawaii.. because I live in the Midwest.. and Hawaii is SO freaking far away. If I want a kick ass beach I can get to the Caribbean in 4 hours.  Oh well, we’re staying for free.. and I should get some good reading in since I’ll be on a plane for 2 days. (i know.. i’m sorry to bitch about such a kick ass trip.. but still)

We’re going to Milwaukee to see an NBA game.. we went to Indy earlier in the season for a game, it was fun. This should be cool too.

Still watching my TV shows.. Idol isn’t that great this year although I do love Crystal and Siobhan.

I have a crush on Boston Rob… and am bummed that Justin and Jordan got knocked off Amazing Race.. I didn’t realize he was as big a ditz as her.. perfect cute couple.

Watching V and Flashforward.. got Jeremy to watch some TV with me too.. he was totally digging The Forgotten and they canceled it.. pisser.

Well.. I’m on Facebook.. and if you can’t find me but want to be my FB friend let me know and I’ll add you. I play all the stupid games.


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  1. It’s been a while… good to know you didn’t fall off the face of the earth.

    Hope you still have a great time on the Hawaiian trip. Take paperbacks, easier to get through the airline check.

  2. I’m positive you will love hawaii, and I know, you are probably back already because I’ve been really bad about keeping up with blogs lately.
    I don’t tweet and I’m pretty bad at FaceBook.

    Big Brother is starting next month so my lack of good reality tv will get a boost.

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