It’s all dusty up in here…


I haven’t blogged in a while..and decided I wanted to tonight…and guess what?


OK..if it were up to me, in a perfect world…everyone would do things like I think they should be done…they would think and believe like I believe. Now I know that is silly..and I do enjoy people that are different then me..but sometimes..just throw me a fricking bone!

Right now I’m a bit frustrated at everyone…family, work, friends…celebrities, government… You name it and I have an opinion.

I realize looking back on my life I have been very bossy at times. Most of the friends that I’ve had just put up with it. I think I am bossy and opinionated by nature..I learned it from my bossy mother.

I don’t think though that my wants/needs are unreasonable. Here are just a few things that are going through my head.

  •  It doesn’t matter what / if any religion you are. Just be nice to each other..use common senses and don’t worry so much about who is sitting where in the kingdom of heaven. Geeze.
  • Why the hell are you people getting all upset about things. Think about your actions. Are you making a difference? Are the feelings and bitching that you are doing actually changing anything? you think you are just making an ass out of yourself, raising your own blood pressure and wasting time?
  • Take care of yourself. Wash your face..clean your clothes, go to the dentist, wear stuff under your arms.
  • Quit being so fricking selfish. It isn’t all about you.
  • If there is something that you don’t want to do… then don’t do it. Quit bitching.
  • Mind your own business.
  • Learn how to respect people…no matter if they are a stranger, coworker, family or a friend.

I think I feel better.. see…I typed it all out, vented and now I’m all better….I didn’t have to get on the phone, gossip and bitch to someone else.


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  1. I can’t believe you forgot your password! LOL.
    I agree w/ all of your rants. I also am sick of others being so judgy mcjudgerson about what other people are doing w/ their lives. I mean, until you walk in another person’s shoes, can you really say anything??

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