August? Really?


Summer has just wizzed by. Is that how you spell wizzed? If not you should.

Most of the summer has been upside down temperature wise..we went to Aruba shortly after Memorial Day and it was rainy like spring in town. We got back and had a fricking HEAT wave. Then July comes around and the whole month I think it hit 90 once! Now it’s August and it’s getting hot again.

And where are the hurricanes? Weren’t we supposed to have deadly hurricanes this year?  I don’t recall even hitting the “A” storm.

We’re doing good. Drew turned 10. What the hell..double digits and he is acting like a teenager. I can beat him can’t I? jk

We saw Coldplay in concert this summer, that was fricking awesome.

I’m still addicted to facebook..and you can find me there!!

I’m also still addicted to TV. This summer I’ve been watching True Blood, Hung, Leverage, Hawthorn, The Closer, Saving Grace, Big Brother (go Jeff!) and Anthony Bourdaine, No Reservations…

My friend at work had a baby..and I am so antsy to meet him and kiss his feet.

I am starting to get into the habit of reading blogs again. I read Fluid Pudding today.. but usually I have been reading off my reader.

I’m doing weight watchers again..counting points. Did you know tomatoes are free? I love them w/ balsamic vinegar…yum.

I’m back to my deep water class at the Y. I need to loose 2 sizes please.

Random: Why do I always wear the e and n off my keyboard?

How is your summer?


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  1. Love Love Love Leverage & The Closer. Did you see this last episodes – with Charlie and the “package from her friend” – I would have been JUST AS PISSED if I was Fritzy! Holy Crap!

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