For Maddie and her mom and dad


Please visit… Read, Donate.

My facebook/twitter/blog life have intertwined…although RL friends don’t come here…I mention this because I was reading shared posts about the little Maddie dying. I didn’t know Heather, her blog or her family. I feel though responsible for a post today. They are part of the blogging family.

Maddie’s mom has been referred to today hundreds of times as “my friend”.. I don’t know if these women ever met her or not, it doesn’t matter..years ago the lines has started getting smaller and smaller between who your friends and on line friends are.

When I talk about you..Biddy, Bri, Grandma J, Jason…anyone that is reading this, I refer to you all as my friend, I only qualify if people ask how we met. When my friend asked me today who Maddie was that died, I said it was a close friend of my friends.

Keep the family in your prayers


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  1. Thank you for caring and of course Maddie’s family is in my prayers. It’s so sad when young children leave us and no one is safe from the harsh realities.
    God bless them and you too, my friend.

    I’m off to donate through paypal.

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