Blog thinking has returned


At least 5 times this weekend I thought their were some blogworthy things to talk about..that’s a step in the right direction isn’t it?
I’ve forgotten what they all were though.

Normally I just tweet them (twitter) or add to facebook. Normally now..

We went to a friends for dinner Saturday night. Ate then played Mexican Train dominoes. It was a good time. J ate too much and then felt like crap all day yesterday.

I decided to go to the Y every day and exercise…at least 30 minutes. I have totally blown it but at least I’m going 3 or more days a week.
I can’t walk on the treadmill without holding on. I like it. I never thought I would say that.

You watching American Idol…I am. I’m a Danny fan.

You watching Amazing Race.. I am. I think the only one’s I don’t care for are the tweedle bros..I hate that they screwed w/ the pumps. Moooooooommmm … remember that from last night. My husband had to stifle a snicker.

You watching Survivor? … I am. My favorite right now is Taj. I don’t think she’s going to make it to the merge. I hope so though.

I’m still hungry. Off to hunt food.


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  1. What? No Celebrity Apprentice? Right now that’s almost my favorite. BTW, they are accepting applications for Big Brother 11. I want someone I know to get on that show.

  2. One more thing to add to the “MP and I MUST be Related” list: I LOVE Mexican Train Dominoes! We play all the time. Double 9’s mostly but every now and then we break out the Double 12’s!

  3. Hey hunny!
    It sucks that we can’t watch American Idol here unless we have cable (which we don’t)…HOWEVER, I am loving ‘The Mentalist’…it is just so good that I can guarantee when the series comes out on dvd, I will be adding it to my collection!!! You guys really do come up with some of the best tv my wee brain can handle!!!!

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