What’s it all about?


I realize that is where I was…what is it all about? I turned into a stat watcher. I mean what the hell was I trying to prove? It’s not like I even had ads to make money…

I was reading blogs and commenting because I felt I had to..I guess I’m kinda starting over without really starting over. God knows I don’t need the 3rd incarnation of my blog.

So..Mary is over at Facebook now. WOW lots of people have popped up that I used to hang with when I was just out of college. I never understood why they didn’t party as much as me. These are the people that have been married for 12-15 years already. Back then that was the FURTHEST thing from my mind. It’s nice to see them again..I’ve finally matured to their level.

It was Spring for a couple days, now starting tomorrow it’s supposed to be cold again. That sucks..

I need new socks. I can’t find the matching ones and I’ll need to wear some tomorrow.

I broke my tooth yesterday on a pretzel. No shit. It was one of those awesome hard Bavarian ones..I cracked that little bitty molar right before the back teeth..the back ones are already capped and this one was filled to the top. I have a feeling I’m going to get another crown 😦 And you know what the worst part is? It’s the shots.. big ass needles forcefully going into your gums. I don’t think in my extensive life of dental issues had one visit that did NOT require them hitting a nerve and making me cry. For reals..

So..that is my afternoon. I’m looking forward to American Idol tonight, Top 13 don’t cha know. I am NOT excited that it’s Michael Jackson night.

Please..I LOVE me some black Michael. You know..the Thriller years. Now..he’s a laughing stock.

Michael sings Michael.. Not Anoop..not Megan..and dear God not Michael the big guy..maybe Danny does..we will see.


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  1. Oh sweetie, the dentist…my one and only real phobia, I’ve been avoiding it for a good 4 years, disgusting I know, but trust me, where I used to live and the stories I heard…well, let’s just say that it made me shake just thinking about it! My sympathies on the injection thing!
    As for face book, I’m looking your wee self up right this minute, I promise!

  2. Wow. The top 13 were great. And they pulled it off!

    Glad you are back. Checking the stats ruins the fun. I have learned that lesson over and over. Just blog and go. =)

  3. I broke a moral once eating popcorn. I thought I had bit into a kernel, instead it was part of my tooth. Took way too long to get into see the dentist. Thank goodness for my son’s ortho-wax.

  4. Tara, it was funny as “moral!”

    And yeah, once I started watching stats it stole the joy, so now I try not to. The funny thing is, once people like you enough to put you in a reader, they stop commenting! (Certainly has been the case with me)

    Oh, plus, I’m still trying to figure out WHY I blog. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.

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