HELLO…is anybody out there?


Yeah, so I didn’t really expect to take a bloggy break, if I did I would have told you. I think I got a little overwhelmed. I got my google reader all set up and realized I was reading 395 hundred blogs a day and it just became easier to just quit. I didn’t want to quit. Facebook became super easy too..because most bloggers..not most but MANY bloggers are on facebook..along w/ real life people and I could do 14 status updates, play games and be in the know without going to another website.
Of course I had to sensor myself and am running into people I don’t like and ex’s which is a little weird..but other than that it’s easy, and you know me, I LIKE easy.
SO what is new..let’s see. I am exercising. I’ve been going to the Y twice a week doing a deep water exercise class and also started walking around the track and riding the bike. I didn’t go all weekend and feel a little bad about that..that is strange for me, I know. I may join Mutha Mae at a Zumba class too, I’m looking into that.
Bri..Underthearch Bri..and I went to trivia night in late January..that was lots of fun.
American Idol started…WOO HOO. And I’m watching Survivor too.
I barely saw any of the Oscar movies..
My parents are still driving me nuts, thanks for asking..(mom more than dad if you didn’t know).
I guess that is it. I promise not to be gone to long again.
Join facebook, it really is fun. Grandy joined, LuLu is there, Biddy’s there..water is fine!


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  2. LOL! Hilarious…I haven’t blogged in months either but I update daily on Facebook! Glad to hear all is well and you are enjoying Idol and Survivor. I am watching both as well but not in real time. Good for you going to the gym! That’s wonderful! Wish I could find the energy/willpower/way to the gym!
    Take care!

  3. Hiya hunny, sorry for the REALLY long absence from your fab blog. However, I now have internet access again and if you wanna catch up, check out my new but definitely not improved, blog, started today:
    I see your gorgeous photographs are still about, when are you going to start framing and selling them woman??????

  4. Yep! The gang’s all there.

    You have to shoot me some sort of message that explains what some of those things at FB are for. You know, the petitions, the food fights, etc.

    That’s more overwhelming than the blog thing. 🙂

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