And it’s not even winter yet!


Ice, snow, sleet, sneet, freezing name it we’ve had it since Monday. Nothing major downed power lines, no major interstate shut downs.. The crap was all predicted so the streets were OK.

From the looks of the poll we are tie will get down when I get it done..and I have a plan, it will all work out.

Tonight J and I are going to finish our shopping. We are doing a gift exchange w/ J’s family  so we have to get something for his aunt and cousin..and we also need to get something for his mom and sister… plus one Pokemon board game, then I think we’re finished.

Work has been OK.. not near as busy as the past few years.

I still have my addition to Facebook. It really is like computer crack.

There are TONS of movie’s I want to see. I have to tell you though, especially if you have kids..1st Grade or older, GO SEE DELGO. It is getting HORRIBLE revue’s and a bad is a GREAT movie! Personally I thought it was better than Wall had a great story line and the animation was great. Drew totally loved it. We saw it Saturday night at 7pm and we were the only 3 in the theater.. in a time where there are not an abundance of movies for kids…don’t let this one pass you by.

Bunch of people I know at AB just lost their jobs..I think if you have a job to bitch about you are lucky.

I think I’m getting a little more into the holiday spirit..I am going to the Symphony on Saturday night, if that won’t do it, nothin will!

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  1. I really need to get my shopping finished. We did most of it online, but I have stocking stuff still to get.

    Going to the Symphony sounds fabulous. Have a great time.

  2. Things are looking up I see. I’m so glad the grinch backed away from your door. The spirit of Christmas has a hold on you now. Especially with the impending shopping event to buy a gift for your aunt and cousin. Of course the Symphony is a plus!

  3. Nothing like a Christmas symphony! How fun.

    And you’re right about having a job. I’m very thankful for mine, and that it is steady and not in jeopardy.

  4. facebook addiction is a real problem. i don’t even know why i look at it so often. nothing really ever changes in the span of ten minutes…

  5. Hey there toots!! Hope the holiday gift exchange was a hit, hope the symphony did it’s trick, and really…pokemon is STILL around?


    Feeling festive yet??

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