No Power at My House :-( BRRRR


My darling husband woke me at 4am when he heard the loud BOOM. Seems there was a fire at a substation then more outages.
Mom and Dad are OK..they are on the other side of Hampton, which has power. Thank God!!

The dog is there now…we quickly got a room at Red Roof so I could dry my hair for work this morning and so we would have it in case it takes AmerenUE 43 days to get the power restored. As a company they pretty much suck. This is the same company that replaced lights in the alley at 3am.

SO…Cross your fingers we have power by the time I go home tonight and that too much stuff doesn’t spoil in the fridge and freezer. outage


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  1. And you’re at their mercy, right? I hate that.
    Luckily your parents are ok, because those space heaters are useless without power. And the dogs. The meat should be ok for a while, but what about the ice cream??

    I pay my bills on the internet, get a confirmation, blah blah blah. Well, when I was leaving on my 5 week vacation, I paid double to cover for it….knowing I wouldn’t use that much since I wasn’t going to be using the AC or anything.
    Well, fast forward….I get home and my first bill is almost triple, with a 24 hour notice to turn off my power.
    I called them and after waiting the usual 40 minutes for the next available agent, I was told that every once in a while an electronic payment slips through the cracks!
    I asked where their closest office was and they said there were none! I asked the rep where they were located, they said….are you ready? She said the Phillipines! That’s right, a company called TXU is off shore!

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