Ya Big Sell Out..and another True Mother Story


Yeah..that’s what I feel like!

Why: Because I have now put all the blogs I read…well almost all of them, on a reader. I’m still trying to figure out how to use it. No extra clicks unless the spirit moves me to leave a comment.

Another reason is cause I want/need adds. Why? Cause I wrote that post w/ the hot girl pictures and I am getting so many hits from horny guys it’s crazy, and it hasn’t died off and I want to make money from it.

I’m addicted to Twitter and Facebook and have been neglecting my own blog..and yours. I’ve also been neglecting my camera and flickr.

If you were interested in the steak sandwich I explained on the previous post.

Mother story of the day: Phone rings last night…I missed it, she called again. I answer the phone..(MP = me and M= Mom)
MP: Yes Mother
M: Did I bother you?
MP: I thought you weren’t going to call unless it was an emergency..Mark Harmon is on my TV in HD..(I didn’t say that but I wanted to)
M: Sorry but I had to tell you what happened
MP: What?
M: The Furnace Man was here and he fixed the furnace. There was a clog by the pipe that goes outside, he fixed it. There wasn’t any cost since we already paid that $149.
MP: Good, so what is the story? (itching to get back to my shows)
M: Well you know how I love my Dancing with the Stars..well the darndest thing happened. It was in Spanish. It really didn’t matter since the music and dancing were still in english (appropriate time to start rolling your eyes)
MP: Why did you watch it in Spanish?
M: I thought they changed it.
MP: Huh?
M: Well then Daddy and I were watching the news and that was a little harder to follow but they put the weather numbers on the screen.
MP: Did you think of changing the channel?
M: It was all in Spanish
MP: Huh?
M: So the Furnace Man asked for the remote and he fixed it. Daddy must have hit a button.

True Story..the Furnace Man saves the day


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  1. I THINK I have my main blogs in my reader, but now that I go to the reader…I don’t really know. I’m always finding blogs I missed somehow.

    I know that as my readers add me to their reader, comments really go down and I noticed the same behavior in myself.

    Also, as long as I keep posting every day it leaves less browsing time.


  2. That is my mother and father both. The satellite tech support people know my dad by first name now. He’s always pushing buttons.
    If you heard my mothers theories on why she has problems connecting to the Internet you’d probably think it was your own mother.
    Her normal theory is because the lines are damp or cloud cover depending on what day of the week it is.

  3. Thanks for the steak sandwich update, totally giving that place a try soon!

    My dad has PC problems constantly, so he and the tech are best buds. I don’t know that it ever spoke Spanish, but it wouldn’t surprise me. 🙂

  4. Oh poor mom! Honestly? That happened to me when I first moved here. I hit some button on the remote and the whole friggin world was in Spanish! Now I hablo Espanol, but what a pain figuring out how to correct it.

    Yep, the steak sandwich…..and I refuse to get involved with the whole Facebook thing. All my friends invite me and you wouldn’t believe what I write on their walls.

  5. my dad did that and everything was in french and it was wigging him out because he is incredibly technologically impaired.

    i’m addicted to facebook too. i can’t really seem to get into updating my twitter as often as i should…but i ❤ facebook and i think it’s unhealthy.

    can i add you to my blog roll?

  6. I LOVE your mother stories. This one did not disappoint either.

    Please, don’t forget about those of us who are remaining loyal to blogs, and who don’t use Facebook or Twitter. Because we need you. We miss you.

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