Totally True MP Things

  • I STILL have a cold. Neti Pot, Z Pack, tissues, cough drops, over the counter, vitamins etc.. I think I’m going on around week 6. It sucks.
  • I spent at least 30 minutes setting up my google reader. How do you delete the post once you have read it?
  • My mother called yesterday afternoon to see if my Dad had a warranty on his tennis shoes.
  • I had the most AWESOME steak sandwich for dinner last night.
  • We purchased a Playstation 3 as our big Christmas gift this year. For $399 you get the gaming system as well as a Blu Ray player, can’t beat it really. So my husband unpacked it and set it up and we started to watch one of the older James Bond movies last night. He plans on putting it back in the box when Drew is over, so it can be wrapped on Christmas Day.
  • Last night around 9:45 my mother called to tell me that their furnace was broken. She said it was FREEZING in their house. We brought our space heater and purchased a 2nd one at Walgreens. We walked in the house and she was bundled like an Eskimo. It was 72 degrees in the house.
  • While at my parents last night I checked out dad’s tennis shoes, you know the one that need warrenty repair… well there is an itty bitty teeny weeny slice on the top of the shoe. His toenail is poking through!!
  • I woke up this morning to around 25 degrees..and tomorrow it’s supposed to get around 60.

Anything exciting going on around your neck of the woods??


Update. The Steak Sandwhich was from Mr B’s on The Hill. $9.99 you get a salad, steak sandwhich and fries. The salad is awesome crisp iceberg, provel cheese and a creamy peppery dressing..w/ a couple think slices of tomato. I order mine w/out the red onion. I order my sandwhich medium well on garlic cheesebread..that is italian long bread w/ seads toasted w/ garlic and provel cheese…toped w/ a 7oz strip steak. To Die For.. the fries are smaller steak fries..perfect, no additional salt needed.


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  1. If you find out about the warranties, let me know. I have a 15yo who goes through shoes like water. On the reader… you can either scroll down to the next post and the first one is marked read, or you can click on the ‘mark as read.’

  2. honey, may i suggest a second opinion on the 6 week cold? something is just not right there…

    on the google reader, after you scroll past a post, it will automatically mark it as read. if you click “view new items” the ones you’ve read will be gone.

    and the warranty on the shoes? hilarious!

    nothing going on around here. such an exciting life i lead

  3. Everytime I get a steak sandwich, I toss the bread.

    Maybe your father’s toenail caused the slit.
    *yes it did!!

    How warm does your mother want her home? I love the sound of 72 year round.
    *I can’t answer that w/ a’s whatever temperature that it isn’t

    You are the perfect daughter!
    *thank you Grandma J

  4. I just LAUGHED SO HARD about your parents being freezing and the warranty on sneakers : ). I love older people. They make my heart happy! So happy! I love coming here. You are funny! I am SO sorry about your never ending cold!

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